Stephanie Andre-Ouellette and Maggie Antillon-Mathews


Stephanie Andre -Ouellette and Maggie Antillon -Mathews

Avid Solutions, M.A.G. Realty

Few in Chicagoland have done more to aid struggling homeowners and revitalize distressed properties than Stephanie Andre-Ouellette and Maggie Antillon-Mathews.

This pair of short sale specialists at Avid Solutions offers more than 19 years of combined experience. Since 2009, they have helped hundreds of families avoid foreclosure. Through their partner brokerage, M.A.G. Realty, and their retail real estate business, they have also assisted numerous investors, rehabbers and flippers turn troubled properties into productive assets.

Andre-Ouellette and Antillon-Mathews have distinguished themselves as a trustworthy and tenacious resource for clients in a market segment known for its challenges and frustrations.

“We always have a plan A, plan B and plan C to get the job done,” they explain. “We don’t give up on our clients no matter how hard the deal may get.”

The two go to great lengths for both their buyers and sellers. When not halting auctions, negotiating with lenders or even helping to relocate their short sale clients to rentals, they are providing detailed guidance on topics from foreclosure prevention to investment opportunities.

As the market changes, Andre-Ouellette and Antillon-Mathews will have much to do in the coming years. With banks moving through foreclosure proceedings more quickly, the pair is continuing to offer assistance to pre-foreclosure homeowners.

Their expertise is also more sought-after than ever in the newly competitive buyers’ market. The two receive 95 percent of their business from referrals, a fact that pays greater dividends the more people they help.

“The greatest thing is that our short sale clients from two or more years ago are now coming to us to buy homes again,” they say. “It is a wonderful feeling to have clients return to us to help them find their new homes in their bright futures.”

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