Matt Laricy


Matt Laricy

Managing Broker/Partner
Americorp Real Estate

Matt Laricy has certainly come a long way in his real estate career; his first marketing efforts included handing out business cards outside a Home Depot store. Now, as one of the National Association of Realtors’ “30 Under 30,” Laricy has launched his own group, The Matt Laricy Group, and with four new agents and a new retail space in River North, he has high hopes for the future.

On any given day, Laricy will meet with a client from Spain, tour properties with buyers from China, follow-up on emails from clients in Toronto and return phone calls from a client in Germany. Laricy has been so successful with his international clients that they now comprise 25 percent of his business – and, as he explains, he has history to thank for his initiative.

“I truly believe my ability to satisfy international clients stems from my childhood love of history,” he says. “This love of history grew into a general love of learning about different people and their lives. That curiosity for other cultures has made me successful at an international standpoint because I have a genuine sensitivity and appreciation for the people I work with. People want to work with someone they can trust and who understands their background.”

With the slogan “Real Estate REdefined,” he has redefined his own real estate business through technology. In addition to his constant presence on Zillow and Trulia (he is among the highest rated Chicago-based agents on both sites), he is always on the lookout for new apps and technology that not only improve his business, but set him apart from his competitors.

“I am constantly looking for new ways to improve my business in ways that others are not,” Laricy says. “By seeing these new opportunities, I will continue to try to go to places that no other agent has gone before. My goal is to become the No. 1 agent downtown. I won’t stop until I’ve reached it.”

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