John Poast


John Poast

Senior Vice President of Residential Lending
Key Mortgage Services

As senior vice president of residential lending at Key Mortgage Services, John Poast is thoroughly proud of
the company’s reputation for strong customer service. To him, the best part about his job is watching the keys get handed over to a new homeowner, and knowing how the work he’s done has positively influenced that client.

“Sometimes I receive a thank you note from a client a few weeks after the sale is finalized,” he says. “It is such a great feeling to know that just doing my job meant so much to someone.”

In fact, he was drawn to Key Mortgage Services because of its strong customer service. Poast believes that understanding guidelines, rules and regulations of banks helps best serve his clients. He was most recently able to successfully negotiate a loan with a jumbo mortgage for a client who did not look that great on paper.

“By understanding the ins and outs of this business, we are able to hold the client’s hand throughout the entire process,” Poast says.

One of the biggest goals he strives to accomplish is to grow Key Mortgage Services into the top mortgage service company in Chicago. Judging from what he’s helped the company achieve thus far, it shouldn’t be long until he accomplishes that goal, too.

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