Jacob Strom and Deena Zimmerman


Jacob Strom and Deena Zimmerman

Jameson Commercial

If you can imagine the stereotypical real estate agent, you can imagine exactly what Deena Zimmerman and Jacob Strom aren’t. Zimmerman, with her tall figure and close-cropped hair, and Strom, with his shoulder-length locks and rock star beard, are sure to be noticed at any industry event. Appearances aside, however, it is the enthusiasm and business savvy of these two Jameson Commercial brokers that really makes them stand out from the crowd.

Zimmerman’s individual efforts have earned her top-producer status, but the bigger story is her newly forged partnership with Strom. Zimmerman, formerly with Helios Commercial Realty, and Strom, previously a part of Xsite Real Estate, bring together a combined 15 years of commercial experience. Thanks to their incredible teamwork, excellent systems and utmost level of customer service, they have become known as the “go-to” tenant representatives in the industry.

Zimmerman and Strom are currently assisting several national retailers, along with many local first-time business owners, in their search for space in and around the city. The two are also benefiting from repeat business, thanks to their many successful past clients.

“There is really nothing better than when someone calls to tell us that their current location’s sales are through the roof and they are ready to get started on the next one,” Strom says.

One of the biggest assets the duo brings to each business deal is their partnership.

“We purposely work on all transactions together and typically won’t take an assignment unless the other is willing to do it,” Zimmerman explains. “Our level of customer service, timely responses and resources (what we call our ‘little black book’ of recommended service providers) is genuinely top-notch, and we get a ton of referrals from within our industry because of this.”

The two have created so many relationships with brokers, owners and developers that their knowledge of vacant spaces (and upcoming ones) makes them ideally positioned to help their clients.

As the improving economy sends companies new and old their way, this standout pair can only attract more attention as they add new tenants to their pipeline and continue to grow their business.

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