Brian Jensen


Brian Jensen

Midwest Regional Manager
Mortgage Master, Inc.

One of the fastest growing mortgage companies in the nation, Mortgage Master, Inc. has become one of the nation’s preeminent lenders, and Brian Jensen is the main force behind the firm’s Midwest expansion, which includes new offices in Minneapolis, St. Louis and Indianapolis, in addition to its aggressive growth in Chicagoland.

The reasons for Mortgage Master’s success, Jensen says, are simple: a sound, consistent business model, cutting-edge technology and the most qualified loan officers in the nation.

“We have taken the approach of market leading pricing, high quality and high volume loan officers, and getting the client the best deal and the best service every time,” Jensen says. “We have never wavered from our disciplined, conservative approach, and have lived by the same simple philosophy for the last 25 years.”

Also, Mortgage Master operates with one-to-one partnerships between loan officers and operations staff, eliminating any call centers and barriers between the firm and its clients. The effect, Jensen says, is an efficient, customer-centric mortgage operation.

And guiding the entire Midwest operation is Jensen, who in his 22 years in the mortgage business has worked in both wholesale and retail in sales, capital markets, finance, servicing and REO management, giving him a remarkable base of expertise to adapt to changes in the market.

“Mortgage Master was No. 5 in total production by a non-bank mortgage company last year,” Jensen says. “Our national expansion plans will allow us to take the great name, fabulous culture and client focused brand to even better positioning among our industries leaders.”

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