Bert Gor


Bert Gor

President, The Short Sale Group
RE/MAX Professionals Select

One of the most successful and respected short sale professionals in the Midwest, Bert Gor of RE/MAX Professionals Select distinguishes himself with his uniquely personal approach to distressed sales. In 2007, Gor completed his first short sale transaction and since then, he mastered the nuances and eccentricities of the short sale market through diligent managing of the entire process – including bank negotiations, hundreds of closings and helping his clients avoid foreclosure. Gor attributes a great deal of his success to having been with the same RE/MAX Professional Select office for 10 years and to becoming a CDPE early on.

In addition, because he was once a distressed homeowner himself, he truly understands his clients’ anxieties.

“Every time I go out and meet with new short sale clients, I tell them that I know how they feel,” he says. “I was them at one time, but I am proof that I can help change their lives. I have done it for hundreds of others in the past six years and can do it for them, too.”

The potential impact Gor can have on his clients’ lives is his favorite aspect of his career.

“No one can imagine how rewarding it is when I get to come home to my wife and tell her I just saved someone from foreclosure, which could have been only days away,” he explains.

Looking forward to the short sale markets of the future, Gor sees a much different market ahead for distressed homeowners in Chicago. Though the Mortgage Forgiveness Act of 2007 was extended through 2013, he does not anticipate it being renewed for 2014, so he’s encouraging his clients to pursue short sales sooner rather than later and avoid foreclosure.

“My big focus next year is going to be showing sellers that a short sale is still a better option than a foreclosure, even if some of the government incentives no longer exist,” he says.

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