Adam McLain


Adam McLain

Senior Loan Officer
Wintrust Mortgage

It was only in the year 2000 that Adam McLain first considered a career in the mortgage industry, but you wouldn’t know it looking at his accomplishments. Starting with his “Rookie of the Year” recognition in his first year, McLain has carved out a distinguished niche in the Chicago housing market in the ensuing 13 years, earning distinctions from the Scotsman Guide of Top Originators and Wintrust Mortgage’s Leadership Advisory Council and President’s Club.

Though he worked in a number of other financial industries before mortgages, including commodities in Chicago and overseas and in the pits of the infamous Chicago Mercantile Exchange, McLain says he loves the mortgage business for its dynamic elements, excitement and benefit.

“This industry is incredibly ever-changing, and change is the only constant,” he says. “Every client and their scenario is completely unique, but truthfully, it’s rewarding knowing you are helping people, whether that be educating a first-time homebuyer who knows nothing about mortgages or taking the stress load off of a busy professional or seasoned homebuyer.”

McLain believes that building trust in this industry is incredibly important, and he wants his clients to know exactly the type of loan officer they are working with and to understand the loan process.

“The mortgage industry is not rocket science; it’s a customer service,” he says. “You’re assisting people in structuring their debt to make sure they have an affordable monthly payment at a competitive rate, so you need to listen to them up front in what their goals are. Being able to relate to each borrower and understand what they are trying to accomplish, and delivering what is promised, helps build trust and perpetuate business.”

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