The show must go on

by Agent X

I don’t have to explain to you that things are weird right now. But despite all of that, the show must go on. And by show, I mean the Agents’ Choice Awards. What better way to keep your mind off of everything than to take a look at the cover story and find out who brought home the Association VIP award and which developer is stomping on everyone in the suburbs. And, of course, you have to find out who looks best in clothes. So, while some people debate whether or not it makes sense to hand out Oscars this year, rest assured that when it comes to real estate, a pandemic won’t slow us down. So, congrats to all the winners, and better luck next year to all the losers.

Oh, and we just had a big election! Unfortunately, I had to turn my column in before any results were posted, but I’m guessing by now you’re well aware of who won. Even if I did know the outcome, I wouldn’t say anything about it. I would like to share that a famous bakery in Evanston is selling Biden and Trump themed sugar cookies! I’ve only tasted one kind (not telling which), but I can confirm it was delicious.

Since no one can leave the house, we all overdid Halloween this year. In my neighborhood there were a bunch of kids wearing masks on top of masks on top of masks and I shot them candy through a little candy chute contraption that my neighbor created for me. I am also not embarrassed to admit that I purchased one of those gigantic skeletons from Home Depot that frightened the living daylights out of half of the neighborhood. From what I saw on social media, agents everywhere had no trouble overdoing things this Halloween.

The 137th Chicago Association of REALTORS Inaugural Gala went virtual this year! The event was broadcast on Facebook Live with Tommy Choi kicking things off in a snazzy tux complete with bow tie. Tommy co-hosted the event with Amir Syed, and the two kept the audience laughing with their jokes and banter. There was also no one at the bar to cut me off, so maybe that’s part of why I had so much fun?

Let’s get into some November birthdays, shall we? Alex Chaparro will get older on Nov. 12, while Craig Hogan and Sandra Snaidauf get to party on lucky #13. Joe Brocato, Jim Miller, and Alan Lev, all share a Nov. 14 bday, while Steven Baird is all alone on Nov. 16th. Say a toast for Ron Ruby on Nov. 18, then keep your glasses raised for Steven H. Baumann and Paul Lazarre on Nov. 19 and Nov. 20, respectively.

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