Calling all the newbs

by Agent X

I remember my first year in real estate like it was yesterday, even though it was many, many, many moons ago. I will never tell you exactly the number of moons, no matter how many times you ask, so please stop asking. Back then we didn’t have all this fancy technology that I gripe about, it was just good old-fashioned word of mouth and knocking on doors. Things are a little different right now in other ways, seeing as how there’s a pandemic going on and everything. Clearing knocking on doors isn’t an option, so kudos to anyone who is just starting out. There are industry vets currently tanking, so if you’re new to the gig and you’re getting deals done, then oops, maybe we should’ve asked you to be a part of the cover story.

Not sure if you’re aware, but there is a pretty big election coming up. That’s right, the Agents’ Choice Awards ballots have been released, so get out there and make your selections. Oh, you thought I was talking about another election? Yeah, you should go vote in that one as well, assuming you haven’t already. The fun thing about the Agents’ Choice Awards is you can just go to ChicagoAgentMagazine.com and click away! No need to go to a voting booth or a mailbox or anything. Also, the categories are a little more fun. You can vote for your Favorite Rookie (just like the subject of this issue!) or MVP, Title Company, Lender, etc., etc. My personal favorite ­— an award I’ve been up for a few times and might have even won — Best Dressed. Get out there and do your part and vote, Chicagoland!

I’m running low on gossip this week, which is rough for me because I live for gossip. Help me fix that by sending me all of your gossip straight away. You can just email it right to [email protected]. Or, you can drop a note at the Chicago Agent offices if you don’t want me to know who you are, I know what it’s like to want to remain anonymous. Just be sure to wear your mask and bring your hand sani if you’re coming anywhere near the office. Please and thank you.

All Hallow’s Eve is around the corner, so let’s get spooky with these birthdays. Stefanie “Spooky” Neuman Lavelle and Cathy “No Need for a Spooky Nickname” Stabb share an Oct. 28 bday. Steven “Scared” Maher and Monique “Monster” Pierron-Strong celebrate on Oct. 30. Michael “Mummy” Thanasouras celebrates on Nov. 4, while Eileen “Eerie” Andersen can party on Nov. 5. November 9 is a doozy of a day with Jim “Jack O’ Lantern” Roth, Ryan “Running for Your Life” Steele, Kevin “Grave” Green, Mack “Masquerade” Alsaidi, Neena “Newt” Vlamis, and Missy “Macabre” Jerfita all getting a bit older and a lot wiser. Then you’ve got Yoni “Pumpkin” Pogofsky all on his own celebrating on Nov. 10.

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