Lending during all this mess

by Agent X

Everywhere you look, things are all topsy-turvy thanks to the ’rona monster. Of course, lending falls right into the mix of stuff that’s all bunk now that the world is upside down. The cover story will tell you all about how to handle our “new normal,” and I’m not talking about the show with NeNe Leakes.

We’re putting the finishing touches on our Who’s Who issue! And by “we,” I certainly don’t mean me. I’m talking about all those people in the office, though no one is in an office right now, but you know what I’m saying. Here’s hoping we can still have that annual event celebrating the issue at some point, because you know Agent X loves a good party! Assuming my pants still fit, I’m ready to rock the house when this happens. And, I’ve heard Matt Farrell will be performing his new dance craze: the Dan Machnik! That will be worth the price of squeezing into real clothes.

The @properties Road to Rolex program looked a wee bit different this year, but kudos to them for coming up with a fun way to celebrate successful agents without a fancy gala. The firm shared a video on Twitter of surprised agents opening their doors to find a friendly face (behind a mask) dropping off a box of goodies, including a shiny Rolex. I never open my front door anymore, but if I knew someone were standing outside with a Rolex, I’d make an exception.

CAR already acknowledged their sales award recipients with a virtual celebration way back in April, but they posted fancy photos of all the winners on their website the other day. I went back and took another look at the original slideshow from that virtually magical day just so I could get another look at Brad Lippitz in his bubble bath and Matt Laricy and his little bebe in front of the moon. Congrats again to all of you winners! And the losers? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Speaking of Realtors getting together on the internets, CAR’s foundation held a virtual 5K run/walk on August 9. I virtually attended in my PJs and slippers and did a nice jog around my house instead. Then I celebrated with cocktails in a bubble bath, thanks to inspiration from Mr. Lippitz. And on August 12, YPN continued their #THRIVE series by featuring I Grow Chicago, whose mission is to help Englewood move from surviving to thriving through community connection, skill building and opportunity. This is one of those times where I can’t be snarky because honestly that sounds like a great concept, so I’ll try harder to make you chuckle in the birthday section.

Oh hi, did someone say birthdays? Because people are still getting older out there, even if we’re not going anywhere and sometimes it feels like time is standing still. Not me, of course, but other people. For instance, Dennis J. Papiernik got older on August 21, while Adam McLain and Mike LaFido got really old together on August 23. Honore Frumentino got wiser on Aug. 26, because she’s a cool woman and cool women get wiser, not older. Sam Tarara had a birthday on Aug. 29, and I’m not sure if he got older or wiser; you’d have to ask him. Then on Aug. 30 Lynn Weekley can do whatever she wants because that is the day that commemorates her birth and I say it shall be so.

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