Invest in yo’self

by Agent X

If you’re a fan of one of the greatest shows ever, “Parks and Recreation,” you’ve already heard how important it is to treat yo’self! In that vein, I’d like to propose a new phrase: Invest in yo’self! You guys are out there busting your buns to help clients invest in real estate, but have you thought about giving it a spin yo’self? Now go out there and get a little house to flip or a buy a building to rent out to some ungrateful whippersnappers (or worse, the parents of ungrateful whippersnappers) and see how it’s done. And if you’re already doing that, good for you! I hope to see you in the cover story.

It’s a wrap on the Who’s Who photo shoots! Everyone looked their best, most likely enjoying a welcome reprieve from pajamas bottoms and yoga pants. You may or may not be surprised by the amount of people who couldn’t button up suit jackets or zip up dresses. But don’t worry, Dan will use his best photoshop skills to erase the extra COVID-19 pounds we’re all carrying around.

Luckily, Millie Rosenbloom is already ready for her close-up because her Lincoln Park listing is a finalist in the Big Urban Digs category of the 2020 HGTV Ultimate House Hunt. I’m going to vote for it every day until the contest ends, which means I get a cut of the winnings, right? Or at least as shout-out somewhere? That only seems fair.

Looking for a new gig? Dan Kieres at Northwest Real Estate Group is on the hunt for a few good people. And what better way to advertise than to post a video on Twitter? You heard it here first. Unless, of course, you already saw it on Twitter.

If you’re looking for a way to pass the time now that you’ve watched everything on Netflix, you might consider joining a book club. Exit Strategy Realty is hosting one, and this month’s selection is “Eat That Frog.” I considered looking up what the book is actually about, but I thought it would be more fun just to assume it has something to do with kissing frogs and princes appearing.

The Marcus & Millichap Multifamily Forum Chicago & the Midwest took their conference online this year from July 21 – July 30 with lots of panels, forums and happy hours. As expected, I participated in as many of the events as possible in my robe and the martinis were flowing like water. There are no rules during a pandemic!

On July 28, the Real Estate Center at DePaul University and ULI Chicago hosted the 2020 Chicago Commercial Real Estate Mid-Year Report, also online of course. The event started at 10 a.m., which means I opted to enjoy mimosas instead of martinis. The 60-minute webinar featured lots of cool experts telling us stuff about commercial real estate. That’s as much as I remember. But Chicago Agent magazine took better notes; find more insight here

If you can believe it, people are still having birthdays even with the world upside down. Let’s give some special shout-outs to these folks with August birthdays. Stephanie Andre-Ouellette celebrates on Aug 5, while Niko Apostal will get his social distancing party on Aug 6. Akos Straub and Maria Munoz share a big day on Aug. 8, while Mike Bilodeau and Debra Dobbs celebrate on the 10th and 12th, respectively. Last, and even if it is the least at least they have each other, Mimi Mack and Susan Morrow get wiser on August 15.

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