Timberlake versus ’N Sync

by Agent X

Timberlake versus ’N Sync

Some people were made to fly solo. Surprisingly, Han Solo himself isn’t one of them (he could barely do anything without Chewie). But people like Madonna and Justin Timberlake work better as a solo act. Then you have the rest of the guys in ’N Sync — whatever their names are — those guys work better as part of a team. I clearly I fall into the solo category, though I do have a glam squad of about 30 people who make me look better in my solo career. Regardless of whether you want to go out on your own or hook up with a team, I just want you to know it really isn’t that lonely at the top. Just don’t hurt your neck looking down on those who can’t call themselves a top producer.

Gossip time! Block Club Chicago is looking for slogans for the following neighborhoods: Andersonville, Edgewater, Rogers Park, Uptown, Ravenswood and Lincoln Square. Naturally, I have a few great ideas (Andersonville: Almost as Fun as Anderson Cooper) and a few mediocre ideas (You’ll Never Feel Square in Lincoln Square). How about you?

I’ve found another favorite name to go along with Maria Thanasouras, Marki Lemons-Ryhal, and all of the amazing other names that escape me right now: Pongee Barnes! This real estate pro on the South Side specializes in investing for millennials, but she skewed even younger by writing a book about middle schoolers flipping houses. Look, if tweenagers are going to be getting into the house-flipping biz, we’re all in trouble. Nevertheless, “Riley the Real Estate Investor” may be worth adding to your summer reading list.

The old Megamall in Logan Square is now a luxury apartment complex, with studios costing about $1,895 a month! I remember when you could get a 3-bedroom apartment in Logan Square for half that amount, but it certainly wasn’t as hip of a neighborhood waaaay back then.

Rod Blagojevich has been released from prison! All of Chicago is wondering what he will be doing now that he is free. Perhaps it’s time to finally join his wife’s real estate business?

It may be February, but the recent 50 degree weather apparently has folks feeling like spring is just around the corner. That means party time! On Feb. 20, the Realtor Association of the Fox Valley held their annual trade show for Realtors. The Mardi Gras-themed event took place at Loft 28 West in Aurora, where guests enjoyed apps, prizes, raffles, and “a drink” on RAFV.

On Feb. 26, CAR’s YPN held their monthly breakfast event at Manny’s. The theme this month was top producers (how appropriate!), and the panel included Will Goldberg of Fulton Grace Realty, as well as Gail Spreen and Nancy Tassone, both from Jameson Sotheby’s. As usual, I was asked to participate, but I was triple booked. It’s rough being so popular.

I’m all about the acronyms today. On Feb. 28, Heartland Realty held their 6th Annual RPAC Bowling Bonanza at Kingston Lanes in Woodstock. Things got nice and political as Realtors took all their anger out on some innocent bowling pins.

Birthdays! People are still having them. On March 6, Jim Psyhogios (ooh, there is a name to add to my list) gets another day older, and on March 7 David Cieslak does the same thing. March 10 is a shared special day for Katrina Schmitt and Landon Harper, and then on March 15 raise your glass and toast Sandesh Bilgi.

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