Real Estrange: A pipe dream, where the buffalo roam

by Chicago Agent

A pipe dream

The Fuselage, by Britain’s Tree Tents, is a 17-foot-long dwelling available to anyone for about $33,000. Made out of a wooden frame and an aluminum exterior, this home can be built on stilts or hung from a tree or even the side of a mountain. The interior does not include a bathroom or a kitchen, but amenities can be added for an extra fee. The home is delivered as a kit and takes two to four days to be built by the Tree Tents team.

Where the buffalo roam

Ah, what every homeowner is looking for: a buffalo farm. After winning $180 million from the lottery, one building executive decided to take over a mountain mansion that was already under construction. He added a grass-fed buffalo farm, a steakhouse and a Wild West saloon, and now the whole package is on the market at $26 million. The home itself sits on a 9,000-foot-tall peak and comes with an apple orchard, elevator, theater, solar power system and six-car garage — though it only has five bedrooms.

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