Real Estrange: Floating on the ocean, a teen film landmark

A teen film landmark

Feeling a sense of nostalgia? Located in Tacoma, Washington, this exquisite Victorian home was featured in the 1990s film ā€œ10 Things I Hate About Youā€ starring Julia Stiles and the late Heath Ledger. On the market for $1.6 million, this 5,760-square-foot home comes with five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a lavish interior. According to the listing, it also includes 400-pound solid oak pocket doors and custom inlay hardwood floors.

Floating on the ocean

Listed at $11,888,000, the hillside Pacific refuge in Laguna Beach, California, will put you in the mood to go sailing on the pristine waters. Other amenities include private access to Thousand Steps Beach, an auto lift for your convertible, an LED-lit wine tower and a media lounge with automated drapes.