Agent X: I don’t give a [bleep] about my reputation

by Agent X


Joan Jett was on to something when she penned the lyrics to “Bad Reputation.” While I’d like to follow the title for this column, unfortunately I do actually care about my reputation. All of us sort of have to, because one of the most important things we’ve got in this business is our good name. Seems like no matter what we do, agents still get a bad rap. Sounds like in the cover story they’ve provided a lot of insight on how to handle this, but when you’ve been in this business as long as I have, it can be hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Part of the reason I keep my identity hidden is because I have a rep to protect.

Looks like another one of those PERL Mortgage fellows got himself hitched. Those guys keep dropping like flies, with Sharbel Sharmoon the most recent one to bite the dust by going out and getting married. Congrats to Sharbel and his blushing bride!
Maybe there’s something in the real estate water, because Melanie Stone of Coldwell Banker just got engaged. Someone with a last name like Stone deserves a huge rock, and I hope that she got one.

Tommy Choi got himself featured in a video with his favorite pair of Nikes for the Sneaker Ball. As I did a little research to find out what the heck a Sneaker Ball is, who should I see in one of the photos but Mr. Sharmoon himself, alongside the new missus. Now that I’ve seen photos, I gotta say that you’ve done good, Sharbel! In case you’re wondering, the Sneaker Ball is Kicks 4 the City’s premier fundraising event.

Jenny Ames of Coldwell Banker announced that on October 4, she’ll dust off her dancing shoes for the Dancing with the Giordano Stars competition to benefit Chicago Public School students. Will her samba score a perfect 10? Can she tango all the way to the mirrorball trophy? We’re rooting for you, Jenny.

Joe Caltabiano has better taste in music than I originally thought, and was spotted at the David Byrne show at the Auditorium Theater.
All I want to do during the summer is lounge by the pool, but since I’m on my private island in winter, I have to get moving and shaking this time of year. On June 7, I attended a women in building panel from the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago, where development and construction leading ladies dropped some knowledge. I learned a lot, which made me feel better about going out with other attendees for cocktails afterward.

On June 17, Dream Town agents participated in the 19th annual Ricky Byrdsong Memorial Race Against Hate in Evanston, running a 10K or a 5K to support the YWCA Evanston/North Shore’s continued mission of unity. For those who prefer not to break a sweat (me), there was also a 5K walk option.

It’s summer birthdays! Ginna Ryan celebrates on June 18, while Jennifer Leong sips birthday cocktails on June 19. Julius Barrutia and Colleen Harper share a June 21 birthday, while Rebecca Jensen eats cake on June 22. John Poast and Heidi Seagren party on June 23 and June 24, respectively. Birthday twinsies Dan Wagner and Chip Cornelius will say cheers to themselves on June 27.

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