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Amazon is reportedly making the leap into the home insurance business

by Chicago Agent

Amazon had already expanded its services to include construction and real estate, and now the company is rumored to be joining the insurance business, according to Inman.

While no specific plans have been released for Amazon’s entrance into the insurance business, the transition could build off Amazon’s previous partnerships. Inman reports the company could offer insurance to residents with Amazon smart homes. 

Amazon recently partnered with Lennar to construct smart homes controlled by Amazon’s infamous Alexa. Alexa would control the lights, overhead speakers, locks and thermostats. The smart homes could help monitor fires, intruders and provide extensive safety for residents.

Prior to the collaboration with Lennar, Amazon launched a new page on their website for users to help find a Realtor. The page was later taken down. The company has also been rumored to step into the mortgage market, but nothing is confirmed.

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