Cover story: The relationship between agents

by Joe Ward

Much has been written about the importance of agents having a good relationship with their clients — but what about the relationship between agents? Whether representing the buyer or the seller, an agent must be able to work with the other party’s representative in order to complete the transaction successfully. There are several obstacles to overcome in this relationship, including communication issues, scheduling conflicts and different approaches to technology.

In many real estate transactions, the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent work with each other from as early as the initial showing all the way until the final walkthrough. And those two agents often have to bring lawyers, lenders, inspectors and even decorators into the fold. But an attentive and accessible Realtor can navigate these waters with many of the skills they already possess.

“It takes a village to put these deals together,” says Heather Hillebrand, agent with Dream Town Realty. “It’s a constant collaboration with the two brokers. You really cannot over-communicate in a deal. If you’re sharing as much information as you can, you’re definitely helping the process.”

There are several different variables that can compromise a transaction, and strained communications with the other agent is chief among them. As long as the same courtesies that agents extend to their clients are extended to the fellow agent, there should be few problems. But how do you ensure a smooth and successful relationship?

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