To share or not to share

by Agent X


As you may have guessed by now, I have many things to say about every subject. But when it comes to politics, mum’s the word. Not everyone agrees with this philosophy, but then again, not everyone has gotten arrested for chaining themselves to the White House in protest. I’m not saying I was protesting our current president, just a president. See how I did that? I sort of told you what I think without really telling you. A mystery wrapped inside an enigma surrounded by a bacon-wrapped date. That’s how I do. If all else fails, change the subject to gossip.

Valerie Sancrainte celebrated her 10-year “Chicagoversary” with a boomerang toast on Instagram! Hooray for those of you who know what that means! And cheers to you, Valerie. Just let me know how you feel about living here in the middle of your 10th freezing-cold winter.

Lewis Jones of Coldwell Banker recently got married, the second-biggest highlight of his year next to his appearance on our cover in August. Congrats, Lewis!

Thanks to Kevin Wood of @properties for the hilarious keychain she gave our publisher Marci Sepulveda. The next time you see Marci, ask her what it says!

Fulton Grace Realty dressed up for Halloween early this year. The best costume was probably the girl who dressed like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s high school yearbook photo, complete with fanny pack and everything.

Jim Miller is filming a new coaching project, which he is calling “Take Flight.” Not sure what taking flight has to do with real estate or coaching, but folks seem pretty pumped about it.

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Draper & Kramer’s headquarters organized a Fiesta Day, complete with a “friendly” cooking competition. I’ll be honest: I’m more interested in a good siesta than a fiesta.

Sean Conlon is back filming Season 2 of “The Deed.” Unfortunately, the weather took a serious downturn during the first week of filming, and Melissa Wirtz was spotted bundled up inside an empty rehab home.

Belgravia Group hosted a craft beer tasting and pairing menu for a broker event to mark the beginning of construction of Three Sixty West, located at 360 W. Erie. The perfect way to start construction is to get everyone sauced on craft beer.

NAR held their big convention Nov. 3 to 6 at McCormick Place in Chicago. This is the first time I can remember it ever taking place here, and thousands of Realtors around the country were treated to cold weather and cranky residents.

CA co-hosted a pre-NAR happy hour on Nov. 2 with Guaranteed Rate at Apogee in the Dana Hotel. The magazine succeeded in getting everyone a cocktail or four before the NAR gala.

Here’s to all the November birthday folks! Jim Roth, Ryan Steele, Kevin Green, Mack Alsaidi, Neena Vlamis and Missy Jerfita can have a party all by themselves on Nov. 9. Alex Chaparro will celebrate on Nov. 12, while Craig Hogan and Sandy Snaidauf share a b-day on lucky number 13. Jim Miller and Alan Lev will wait one day to toast on Nov. 14.

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