The importance of social media presence for real estate agents

by Chicago Agent


Social media has grown significantly over the years, allowing companies to reach larger audiences, thus becoming extremely valuable for businesses. Today consumers expect businesses they work with to engage on social media, which is why it is important for real estate agents to make a presence on social media. Facebook, with almost 2 million users, allows businesses to reach potential clients or customers without being directly in front of them. Although social media marketing can be very powerful it should not be looked at as a source of business, but more for brand awareness. For real estate agents working under different brokerages; social media marketing can give them the opportunity to brand their real estate business by creating a business page that allows them to build a bigger following by running ads without a huge financial investment. Younger generations known as the “Millennials” are the most active Facebook users also happen to be the largest group of homebuyers. All social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin and Pinterest can all provide different, important social engagement that can benefit building your business in different ways.

Here are 5 tips we found important to properly use social media for your real estate business (RISMedia.com)

1. Make a Plan- It is easy to be overwhelmed and lose momentum, but having a plan will help you stay focused. Having an account on all social media platforms is not enough to create a significant presence; you need to consistently post.
2. Make best use of your resources- Every social media platform reaches a different demographic and is suited for different types of content. You want to post the proper content on each platform and use social media networks that align with your goals.
3. Learn how to be effective on each social media network- Building on point number 2, remember, each social media platform has different benefits for content sharing. Some are targeted for visual inspiration and others are great resources for sharing relevant articles, both engaging with consumers in different ways. Always use the 80/20 rule when posting; 80% of posts should be on topics of interest while the other 20% should relate to your business directly.
4. Managing your Social media presence- Posting consistently and strategically is very important. Using a management tool, like Hootsuite, can be beneficial by allowing you to schedule posts in advance and maintain consistency on your social media accounts.
5. Track your Growth- Many social media management sites allow you to track your growth by showing analytics and engagement, which will give more insight on what is working with your audience.


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