Agent X: My data is bigger than yours

by Agent X


Data: One word, two pronunciations. You can start it with a date or with a “dat”, but they’re the same in the end. I’d tell you which I use, but it can be an alienating topic. So I’ll keep my opinions on that to myself. Data forms when you take a bunch of information and smoosh it together to aid in buying and selling homes. It’s not quite that simple, which is why I leave the tech stuff to the experts I pay to focus on such things. The unsung heroes on my team finally get their due in the CA tech issue. When I’m reminded of how integral they are to my business, I buy them Rolexes. Without the data, I could only afford to buy them a Swatch.

Speaking of watches, Jane Lee wore a spectacular watch in her Who’s Who photo shoot. She’s not a techie on my team; she’s doing her own hustle and making it work. That watch probably cost more than a lot of agents earn in a year. I bet she used a lot of data to get where she is today.

Alex Filin became a dad to a lovely baby girl named Piper! Congrats to Alex on the arrival of a miniature Filin. I suspect the first-time dad is currently wandering in a haze caused by lack of sleep. Or perhaps he’s elbow deep in dirty diapers? Either way, welcome to the miracle of parenthood. And no, you can’t send them back. You may not be asking now, but at some point you will.

Matt Koch may or may not have been knocked out at the Real Estate Rumble, it just depends on who you ask. Spectators witnessed him get a sucker punch pretty close to the end of the round, so he can decide how he wants that to go down in the history books. Luckily, before the round ended, Matt was able to throw some pretty great punches of his own.

I just found out that Tim Brigham’s CA cover was framed and hung in his old high school. How adorbs is that? It could be because folks were impressed he became so successful, or perhaps no one believed he could grow a beard.

A bit quiet on the events front with Memorial Day, mom’s day and graduation all rolled into a few weeks. Memorial Day weekend was a great reminder as to why we live in a city that is basically uninhabitable for 90 percent of the year, because that other 10 percent is to die for.

One event worth mentioning is the introduction of 1241 N. Milwaukee, hosted by Peak Properties and Bangtel. The upscale rental property enjoyed a huge turnout, potentially because of the raffle and great prizes. Or maybe it’s just because agents love parties.
It’s not summer yet, but it’s awfully close for these summer babies. Amy Buria and Matt Wasik share a June 4 birthday, while Thad Wong and Michael Pierson celebrate on June 5. Amanda McMillan Dollinger parties like it’s 1999 on June 6, and Rebecca Thomson gets lucky no. 7 every year in June. Natasha Motev Lembeck, on the other hand, has always been partial to the number 8 with her June 8 birthday, and Jody Kelly and Joe Zimmerman deserve something special on June 11. And on June 17, be sure to raise your glass to Dave Hanna and Mabel Guzman.

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