Agent X: Burning questions

by Agent X


The fastest way to make a dinner party awkward is to talk about politics. Unless you only surround yourself with people who have the exact same opinions on current events as you do, which would be a dream come true, but difficult to achieve. As for who gets X’s vote…I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Karen Yarbrough is sitting pretty on the cover making the case against merging the Recorder of Deeds office with the County Clerk’s office. You go, Karen!

Enough about politics – let’s get to what you really read my column for. Izabela Sloma is back at it again with those morning workouts. According to her she’s got 50 days left, but can someone tell me what happens after 50 days?

Though my vote is a secret, Mack Alsaidi is not worried about revealing which ballot he’ll punch on Nov. 8. He was recently spotted on an all-expenses paid trip (courtesy of Related Realty) to Playa Del Carmen wearing a shirt that said “I vote for tequila.” Mystery solved! Also on vacation was Tony Mattar, who shared a lot of selfies while in San Juan. No word on who paid for his trip.

Amanda McMillan Dollinger and Matt Dollinger welcomed a new baby girl to the family recently. Little Josephine Mae is just as adorable as her name.

The Cubs have officially won the NL Central, and they clinched their home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Even Sox fans have to be a little excited about the trajectory of the Cubs this year. Or, they may just be waiting for them to blow it yet again. Speaking of the Cubs, Ilsa Conover and Lauren Traficanto were spotted at a Cubs game on the same day, but not necessarily together.

There has been a lot of talk about KW launching a big space over at Webster and Elston. I’ve had a secret look at the plans and I can’t wait until Mary, Joe, Tommy, Josh, and Niko make this happen so I can attend the big grand opening bash!

The CAR Gala on Sept. 14 was as elegant and swanky as ever. The best-dressed list of course had Millie Rosenbloom at the top. She lands at the top of my list every time. Speaking of swanky, there were a ton of selfies taken in the Radisson Blu’s posh women’s restroom. Also – can we talk about how many people were unable to correctly pronounce Nancy Suvarnamani’s last name? It’s not THAT hard, people. Can I write in a ballot for Maria Thanasouras next year? Would love to hear how everyone tackles her name.

We’ve got lots of fall birthdays! Jeff McGee and Michael Walsh share an Oct. 4 birthday, while Sharbel Shamoon will keep the party going on Oct. 6. Nicole Hajdu boasts a lucky No. 7 birthday, while Ryan D’Aprile will have to wait until Oct. 8. Carol Flammer and Erica Swansey narrowly missed the popular wedding date of 10/10 with a shared Oct. 9 birthday. Jenny Sepulveda actually did land on the magical 10/10, while Beth Wexler will party on Oct. 11. Speaking of my favorite person Maria Thanasouras, please buy her a frosty beverage on Oct. 14, and make sure to save some spare change for Ryan Wynia on the same day.

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