4 steps to improve curb appeal in 30 minutes or less

by Rachel Mazanec

Nice arrangement of pink clematis.
We all know that a first impression can make or break a deal, and the same goes for selling a home. The first thing homebuyers see when they pull up to a property is the front exterior, so focusing on your home’s curb appeal is just as important as focusing on what’s beyond the front door. Below are four ways you can spruce up a listing’s curb appeal in 30 minutes or less.

  1. Create perfect symmetry – Symmetry is a major factor in attracting a homebuyer’s eye. By simply arranging light fixtures and front-door accents symmetrically, you can create a welcoming and visually pleasing doorway. It’s also a good idea to coordinate the hardware on the front door with surrounding light fixtures and accent pieces to further increase the visual appeal of the entryway.
  2. Hide garbage cans – Everyone has garbage cans, but homebuyers don’t want to see (or smell) them when they’re touring a property. Take out the garbage and stash garbage cans and recycling bins out of view when a potential buyer is visiting. If the property doesn’t have a garage, a quick and inexpensive project, like building an outdoor lattice screen, may be in order.
  3. Replace light bulbs – Showings can happen at any time of day, and potential homebuyers should never be left in the dark because you forgot to replace a burnt-out bulb. Replace all outdoor lighting with new LED bulbs that can adequately illuminate your entryway and make potential homebuyers feel safe and comfortable.
  4. Spread fresh mulch – Another great way to improve your home’s curb appeal is by pulling weeds and adding new mulch to liven up your flower beds. Any stone or brick borders around flower beds should be cleaned, and any broken or dislodged pieces fixed. TIP: To avoid the steep price of individual mulch bags, WiseBread.com suggests you check with your local tree trimming service to ask if they have any free mulch available.

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