Agent X: Getting our new construction on

by Agent X


You know what’s neat about Chicago, friends? No matter how hot or cold it is outside, people still get out there and build stuff. Which is great, because there are always shiny new places to live, and it also means that CA can put out this fun issue every spring and fall.

A little birdy told me about Akos Straub’s recent “boys’ night out.” I heard there was ice cream and sparklers, and then something about a Pikachu costume? If you’re chasing Pokemon these days, it sounds like you need to hang with Straub and his bros.

For those of you who weren’t skilled enough to score an invite to Amir Syed’s big day on August 5, I’m sorry to say that you missed the wedding of the year. Fortunately, Tommy Choi and Sharbel Shamoon Instagrammed the whole thing. Newly minted wifey Arsiak looked absolutely gorgeous. I can’t think of a better-looking couple in all of real estate, so kudos to you two!

Speaking of appearances, friends and fans of Nick Libert have surely noticed he’s had a few new looks lately – I caught a glance of him in a speedo (no Soho House?) and doing his best Walter Kronkite impression in front of the news desk in some new videos. He’s a man of mystery…

I’m not embarrassed to say that I’m a huge fan of musicals. Whilst somehow also preserving my anonymity, I will shout it from the rooftops. But I’m not the only one who enjoys some Summer Lovin’ – I spotted a fair amount of other agents at Millennium park for “Grease” in the Park.

Some Chicagoans may be mourning the loss of DRose, but now we have another D with a four-letter last name in DWade. Fresh from Miami, “The Flash” himself is renting out a listing from Jenny (AMES? WHO?) on State for the next two months. If you live in the neighborhood, stop by to borrow a cup of sugar.

It’s too hot to go outside, so I don’t have as many parties to tell you about. On August 10, I had to make it out to party for Joan Lieb and Charlotte Newberger’s retirement. The @properties ladies celebrated in style at the Standard Club.

I kept the good tidings going the next day on August 11 and hauled my tush out to Oak Park to celebrate the launch of Ranquist’s District House with some Jameson Sotheby’s folks at Oak Park Brewing Company and Hamburger Mary’s Show Lounge.

People keep getting born. Neil Thakkar and Zachary Gasiorowski (try saying that one three times fast) will celebrate their joint birthday on August 22. On the next day, Mike LaFido will celebrate another year of being Mike LaFido. Honore Frumentino should treat herself to a cupcake and a cocktail on August 26, while Amy Howell and Lynn Weekley should do the same on August 30.

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