Take Your Listings Higher: 3 Reasons to Use Drone Technology

by Chicago Agent


If you haven’t heard of aerial drone photography and video, then you’re missing out on real estate’s hottest new trend. It’s a unique tactic that uses drone-mounted cameras to capture high-altitude perspectives of a property.

Here are three things you need to know about aerial drone photography and video, and why you should consider this new technology to enhance the buyer’s experience and move listings faster.

1. It captures the “lifestyle” of a property


“VHT Studios’ aerial drone photography captures a new dimension that’s not attainable from straight-on photography. It’s able to cast light on the listing’s true size and its surroundings,” states Chaz Walter, a Chicago agent who has benefited from VHT Studios’ aerial drone photography services.

Aerial drone photography and video highlights the property’s surroundings, local attractions and topographic scenery. Instead of showing several different photographs focusing on only one or two features, you’re able to view the entire property from above to capture all the property’s best features, including size, the neighborhood and acreage.

3. It provides a competitive advantage


“Our new aerial drone photography and video melds our technology and creative artistry to provide our clients with tools to set them apart from competitors,” states VHT Studios’ CEO Brian Balduf.

In several markets across the country, many tops agents have already taken advantage of this new real estate marketing service. But it’s still relatively new, and the ones who jump on it first will have a huge competitive advantage that will help them establish a reputation in the industry.

The top agents who have given aerial drone photography a try were impressed by the technology’s capability to deliver high quality, smooth and sharp looking photographs and video. To see for yourself, click here.

3. It’s an easy and convenient service

You may think aerial drone photography and video services would be time consuming, but think again. This new service for agents is easy, convenient and can move listings faster. It only takes about 30 minutes for a VHT Studios pilot to capture professional, high-altitude video. And scheduling takes about 24 hours, and 2 business days for edited and enhanced photography and/or video to be delivered.

Visit VHT.com/drone or call 1-800-790-8687 to learn more about VHT Studios’ brand new aerial drone photography and video services.

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