The Most Important Open House Tip

by Agent X


When it comes to strategies for a killer open house, I have just one piece of advice: bake some cookies. I bet you didn’t realize it was so easy, but a sweet scent goes a long way. Don’t want to mess up the oven right before a big showing? Go ahead and purchase one of those cookie-scented candles from your local Yankee Candle establishment. I’m not going to lie, I haven’t hosted my own open house in decades; I’ve got people to take care of things like that. So I guess if a cookie-scented candle isn’t enough for you, go ahead and read the cover story. Or, you could also take a tip from “Million Dollar Listing: New York” and throw an open house/rave. I don’t usually give advice for free, so you’re welcome.

In honor of National Dog Day on August 26, I’ve got a lot of dog-related gossip for you folks. In case you’re wondering, I’ve got three of my own pups at home. A toy poodle, a shi-poo and a Rottweiler; I’m sure that’s what you were picturing in my mansion. On the big day, I posted pics of all three on every social media channel I could find, and it looks like everyone who is everyone followed suit, giving their furry friends the love and devotion they deserve. Go ahead and kiss your pooches right now (or felines, if that’s your cup of tea), and then come back and finish this up.

Speaking of pups, Emily Sachs Wong and Thad Wong are looking for suggestions on what to name their new puppy. Since they are pretty close to real estate royalty around here, my suggestion is Charlotte. Or William if it’s a boy, I didn’t actually get the memo on what kind of puppy they’ve got, so hit me up if you have the deets.

Coldwell Banker just celebrated 109 years in the business. That’s just a hair longer than I’ve been selling real estate! At the big bash, agents feasted on a cake shaped like a dog house. How perfect for this week’s column! It may be a coincidence, or it may not. It also may have to do with that CB dog campaign that I’ve been seeing everywhere.

Sam Ciochon (also of CB) chartered a limo bus to escort his clients on a tour of luxury listings in Harbor County, Michigan, lovingly referred to as the “Chicago Hamptons.” Not a bad way to convince your clients to purchase a second home. Although, I wonder how many of those homes smelled like cookies.

It’s getting a little chillier out there, but that doesn’t mean real estate folks are going into hiding just yet. Everyone is still hitting the town and getting the appropriate amount of partying completed while the weather still allows. On August 27, REIA held their summer cocktail party at Erie Cafe. Nothing says real estate investment like enjoying alcoholic beverages on a Thursday evening!

Erin Mandel, Sam Powell and Heather Gustafson were just a few of the names making an appearance at Rebecca Thomson’s non-bachelorette party at L’Auberge Del Mar.

It seems like we always have something to say about Tariq (TK) Khwaja, and this issue he snuck onto my page by having a birthday on Sept. 8. However, I don’t want his “fame” to eclipse Ivona Kutermankiewicz on her Sept. 6 birthday, because I had as much fun typing that name as my editor will have double checking that I spelled it correctly. Larry Steinway played the piano in celebration with Dustin Schaaf on Sept. 9, and Paulette Rodriguez will celebrate on lucky No. 13. Michael Cozzi may receive a beer cuzi from me on Sept. 15, Lori Wyatt will make the age old decision between cake and pie on Sept. 16, and I think it’d be really cool if Evelyn Fred (whose birthday is on Sept. 19) has a son named Fred.

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