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To be on top in this industry, your name needs to be the first thing that pops up when folks search “Chicagoland real estate agent.” I went ahead and did that, and guess what came up in the top 10? This very magazine. That means these cats know what they’re doing, so you should pay attention and actually read the cover story this week, instead of skipping through to my column and then flipping over to the My Style section. Alright, you can read my column first since you’re already here, but then go straight to the cover story. You’re welcome.

Some pictures surfaced recently of Thad Wong and Emily Sachs Wong hanging out with none other than good ol’ Hils Clinton. We’re pretty tight, so they don’t mind when I refer to them as Willy and Hils. But the real question is what are Emmy and Thaddy doing with Hils? Potential future Veep talks perhaps? We’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

The weather is warming up so folks are coming out of the woodwork and partying again. Phew! On May 14, Dream Town hosted a nightclub-inspired event at the Ronsley building in River North. Sales have officially launched for the building that dubs itself as “customized for the sophisticatedly sensible.”  So if you can rustle up a client that fits that description go ahead and sell them a top-tier $5.4 million unit. If I don’t beat you to the punch first that is. Speaking of punches…I’ll get to that.

May 21st was a super busy night for some real estate fun. First off, CAR hosted the Good Neighbor Awards at The Montgomery Club. Luckily, the awards were from 2:30-5:30, so there was plenty of time to keep the party going afterwards. You can check out the winners on the CAR website, because I’ve got some more parties to talk about in this space.

On the same night, Craig Hogan threw an event with Coldwell Banker at the Peninsula Hotel on “Celebrating our differences.” I’m happy to celebrate differences, similarities, whatever it is that people want to celebrate, as long as there are cocktails. And drinking those cocktails at the Peninsula hotel isn’t a shabby way to spend the evening.

Last but not least, May 21st was the date for the Chicago Real Estate Rumble boxing match that everyone has been talking about for months. I must say I was not disappointed, even if boxing isn’t my cup of tea. There were swag bags with sucker punch pens, and Perl mortgage supplied some lovely ring girls in tiny outfits to make sure the crowd was paying attention. Held at Joe’s on Weed (insert your own joke here), proceeds went to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago. You know how much I love a good nickname, so I was happy to see Sam “The Butcher” Powell and Colin “The Hammer” Hebson from sponsor Dream Town Realty. The Butcher came out a winner, but The Hammer fell to Adam “Boom Boom” McLain. At least we know that the fights were real, since one of the sponsor’s contestants wasn’t too proud to take a punch and swallow a loss (and maybe some teeth). There were nine bouts total, and other winners included Aurora Salustro, Mo Dadkhah and Ruth Minnick, in addition to Jon, Paul, Jim and Eddie Vail. Seems to me those Vail folks had an unfair advantage by practicing on one another? 

Birthdays! Nicole Dyer Sengstock bought some stock on 5/27 in honor of her birthday, while Jennifer Morrell and Karen Ranquist celebrated on 5/28. Amy Buria enjoyed some cake on June 4, while Thad Wong and Michael Pierson may have shared an apple martini on June 5. Rebecca Thompson partied on lucky #7 (June 7 that is), and Natasha Motev Lembeck probably thinks that 8 is a luckier number (June 8 specifically).

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