The 2015 Truth About Agents Survey

by Chicago Agent

We want to know what’s really going on in the real estate industry. What are the hot-button topics today? And, most importantly, what’s really true about agents? Make your voice heard by taking our Truth About Agents survey. Everyone who fills out the survey will be entered for a chance to win a $100 AMEX gift card! But don’t worry – although we need your name so we can contact the winner of the drawing, all responses to this survey will be kept anonymous. This survey will take you less than 10 minutes to fill out – what are you waiting for?

Also, though we welcome reader comments, don’t forget to take the survey before sharing your comments! You’ll only be entered into the drawing by filling out the survey. You are not require to answers all the questions in order to submit this survey.

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  • Stacy Karel says:

    2015 is starting off to be a great year. I’m optimistic!

  • Lisa Wenzel says:

    Referrals are the best lead generation we have!

  • Bimal Pandhi says:

    Good survey

  • Alex Haralambakis says:


  • Sara J McMurray says:

    A few of these questions couldn’t be answered

  • Dan Walsh says:

    The question “where do you get your training? Check all that apply” would only allow one answer.

  • Carrie bey-Little says:

    I love social media and generate more business from social media. I also include my social links in all Direct mail and e-cards

  • Arla Unwin says:

    Feeling great about real estate in 2015!

  • judy gibbons says:

    I believe Old School/ New School is the best way to market in 2015! Happy New Year!

  • Rosa Bueno says:

    In Marketing you should have included social media. It has become a massive way for me to promote my business and I am more than happy to invest in it because I see the returns right away. FB is the primary, even though I am looking into Pinterest. I have all my friends and sphere of influence at my reach and feedback is a click away.

  • Kay Wirth says:

    2015 Should be a great Year!

  • Jerry Hoffman says:

    Commission split is 80/20, but capped. For 7 months it is 100%

  • dan crouch says:

    Putting it all together for 2015

  • Laura Anderson says:


  • kelley says:

    Referrals are the best way for future business. My brokerage pays for a lot so its really a 50/50 with cost. They want you to always have a successful year and I have a very progressive Managing Broker.

  • Gy says:

    the better weather seems to have let the market open early this year.

  • Sheila Dantzler says:

    Looking forward to a good year!

  • Dr. Margot Weinstein says:

    This is starting out to be a great year; much better than the last few.
    Margot Weinstein

  • Bert Gor says:

    I think 2015 is off to a great start. Thankfully, mother nature has given us a break year. In years past I always felt a mild winter gets us in a better RE season faster. People seem not to be waiting as long this year to list their house and want to get moving. I feel strongly this will turn in to a sellers market this year very quickly. Thanks Chicago Agent for all the good stuff you guys do!

  • barbara cohen says:

    brokers are being rude to other brokers.need more of the golden rule.

  • tracy sondag says:

    I live in a rural community

  • Craig Rogner says:

    The market seems hot again, feeling optimistic about the new year

  • Vana Kikos says:


  • stanislaw says:

    The market continues to improve. This year is projected to be a greater financial year than at the peak Royal Service Realty

  • Sharon Harding says:


  • Cindy Beverley says:

    Great survey.

  • E J Webber says:

    Looking forward to 2015. New location and new opportunities.

  • Christine Hutton says:

    2015 is off to an amazing start!

  • Wendy Kiang says:

    Looks like we are off to a good start this year.

  • Jayne Menne says:

    Excellent service is the best advertising plan.

  • S says:

    Hope you can learn something from this survey 🙂

  • Jerry Hoffman says:

    2015 Will out perform both 2014 in $ volume and 2013 in total transactions.

  • Stephen Chertok says:

    I switched from Berkshire Hathaway last month to come to @properties because of the commission split issue, the royalty BHHS imposed on agents and the severe drop in support services to the agents.

  • Darryl Hayes says:

    New office, New Year, New Attitude…I’m encouraged!

  • Tammy Kaspar says:

    Just changed offices!

  • Edward R Mc Cambridge says:

    THE MRED IS THE most distinguished
    and helpful organization in the Real Estate Business.

  • Beth Lloyd says:

    I may retire in several years so I am not trying to be a top producer. Based on my production, I wouldn’t expect a higher commission split from my current broker or if I changed companies. Years ago when I did interview other brokers, some might have offered a higher percentage, but then there were fewer services provided. I think it’s just comparing apples to oranges and I suspect there is no real net difference unless someone just wants to earn higher commissions and not spend their own money for things another broker might include. Over the years I have seen some agents change brokers faster than they change their underwear. They didn’t ask the right questions and believed everything the managing broker said and the managing brokers would only volunteer information that pointed out the pluses, not the negatives. Those agents never figured out they weren’t getting the right information because they didn’t ask the right questions. So the next year or two, they made another change.

    I don’t feel comfortable working along side or on a transaction with many top producers. Their top priority is their income and ego to the detriment of their clients and the needs of the consumers. The fact that all the production must be attributed to themselves rather than the team members is a super ego issue and deceives the public into thinking they did it all on their own. I think statistics like that aren’t ones and don’t give a fair impression to the public.

    I also noticed when business began to take a nose dive that some agents conveniently left their ethics and professionalism on the doorstep. Making a living was their top priority and they didn’t want ethics to stop them from making as much income as they could. Besides a lack of ethics, a lot of agents just did very sloppy work. Listing details often are incomplete and inaccurate, photos of listings are terrible or misrepresent the property, and these are just a few of the things.

    I think the changes in how one can anonymously make complaints about unethical agents may finally help clean up some of the messes. It will nonetheless take a long time for the reputation of real estate agents and brokers to raise above the current level of disrepect and unprofessional behavior.

  • Mary Zentz says:

    have no interest in leaving a comment.

  • Linda Edwards says:

    I love working with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage! I should have moved to this office 10 years ago. Even though I’ve had a higher commission split at some previous companies, I receive so much more from Coldwell Banker in how they treat their agents and provide for them.

  • Patrick Driscoll says:

    Think KW training is the best!

  • Melinda Svastisalee says:

    Return business through referrals is the key to my success.

  • Melinda Svastisalee says:

    Enjoying the 2015 real estate prediction of a profitable year.

  • Kristi Firth says:

    I joined Keller Williams Fox Valley the beginning of January 2015 and have been extremely pleased!

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