3 Simple Ways to Show Your Clients the Proper Appreciation

by Peter Thomas Ricci

No agent will succeed with unappreciated clients, but showing appreciation is actually much easier than it seems.

Everyone likes appreciation, but it’s a safe statement to make that consumers love appreciation more than any group of people. After all, whether its a retail store, a salon or a real estate business, the consumer is responsible for the business at hand, so it’s only fair that consumers expect some appreciation to come their way.

As real estate agents, though, how can you ensure that your clients receive ample appreciation? Here are three simple things to consider:

1. Brought Up by Hand – We get it, emails and text messages are very convenient and nice; however, nothing can supplement the sincerity of physical, hand-written notes. Send you clients a lovely card with a hand-written letter of appreciation at the end of your transaction; the extra, inherent effort – from the purchasing of the card to the writing – will be apparent, and will go far in keeping your name on-hand for referrals and repeat business.

2. Public Praise – Of course, praise and appreciation should not be reserved for the post-transaction phase of the process! Buying and selling homes can be quite stressful on the client, and even the most casual of comments – from complimenting their cleaning of the house, to them arriving on time for a showing – can do wonders. As Kevin Daum phrased it in an article for Inc.com, “It feels even better to hear it in front of other people … Others will likely chime in, which exponentially increases the recipient’s pleasure.”

3. Milestones – Maintaining your sphere in real estate is invaluable, and there’s no better way to do that than celebrate the anniversaries – and we don’t just mean the move-in anniversary! When is the client’s anniversary? What about their birthday? Are they students, and is a graduation pending? What about children, and the myriad of milestones that accompany their growth? People are forgetful creatures, and when you separate yourself from the pack and do remember such anniversaries, you’ll distinguish yourself in the client’s eyes.

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