Dream Town Realty launches “The Project” a revolutionary new agent-training program.

by Chicago Agent

For the first time, personal coaching is integrated with innovative cutting edge technology.

Dream Town Realty is proud to announce the launch of a paradigm shifting training program called “The Project” coming January 2014.

“The systems that we have created for “The Project” are simple yet very powerfully integrated into the daily life of the Broker. They will make it impossible for the Broker to lose touch with anyone they have been in contact with. A salespersons job is to create revenue opportunities, not administrate paperwork.” said Peter Moulton – President of Agent Services for Dream Town Realty.

“We’ve distilled down the best practices of agents from all production levels and made them simple to execute. If you engage in this system, you’re production will increase…period” “There is a hunger amongst producing agents to take their business to the next level. The economy, housing market and interest rates are all aligned for opportunity… If you have tools that actually work and you use them… You will blow through your self imposed ceiling.”

“If a Broker would like to grow their business in a meaningful way, and they’d like to surprise even themself… They should give Dream Town a call.”

Peter Moulton – President of Agent Services        312-566-8372

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