Baird & Warner Launches New Advertising Campaigns

by Natalie Terchek


Baird & Warner has reached to buyers and sellers through many unique ways, including CTA buses, billboards and a Pandora radio ad campaign.

Baird & Warner is reaching out to buyers and sellers through unique forms of advertising. Their campaign has been seen on CTA buses, billboards, online and print outlets across the Chicagoland area. And on Sept. 17, they launched their newest way of advertising: through the Pandora Internet Radio.

According to Digital Journal, two of the four radio spots will focus on the favorable market conditions for buyers and sellers. The other two will target listeners who are interested in a career in real estate. This is the first time a residential brokerage has advertised on Pandora.

“When we launched our innovative brand leadership campaign in 2012, it was a major departure from the status quo in the real estate industry,” Steve Baird, president and CEO of Baird & Warner, told Digital Journal. “Our new series of ads have been seen across a variety of media throughout 2013, and these Pandora Internet radio spots are the next step in delivering the message through leading online and mobile channels.”

In addition to their ad campaign, Baird & Warner launched a form of free advertising through a new tool called Market Insight, which gives potential homebuyers and sellers information and data from the MLS about their hyperlocal real estate market. It also creates interactive reports that provide statistics such as sold homes, properties for sale, inventory levels and days on market.

“Homebuyers and sellers are peppered with national real estate statistics, and they base their next steps off of this information — but that’s not how our industry works. Real estate is local,” Baird told The Herald. “We created Market Insight to educate clients and potential clients about what is going on in their specific local area. Armed with this essential information, they can make well-informed decisions.”

Market Insight is available on Baird & Warner’s website. More tools available on the Baird & Warner site include Exclusive Preview, an email alert that lets potential homebuyers know about new properties that meet their search criteria up to 72 hours before they are listed publicly, and Baird & Warner HomeFinder, an automated daily email that provides a list of all properties on the market that fit their specifications.

Who Says Real Estate Advertising Has To Be Conventional?

Baird & Warner is not the only residential brokerage to think outside-of-the-box when it comes to advertising. In 2011, Dream Town Realty offered $1,000 in cash at closing to buyers and sellers who purchased a $25 Groupon (which was only available for five days).  And last year, @properties co-owner Thad Wong dressed in a tennis skirt while posing with a goat for an ironic advertising campaign. And the unique advertising seems to have helped. Wong told Chicago Agent last year that because his ad campaign was so different from others, it furthered @properties’ presence throughout the Chicagoland area.

”It forces someone, as they’re pacing through a magazine, to stop, laugh and WTF?” he said.

Baird & Warner had a highly successful campaign last year, revealing recently that their sales numbers have surpassed $3.5 billion, the highest its been since 2007. Since this year’s ad campaign is a continuation of last year’s, it is hopeful that the brokerage will continue to boost sales this year as well.

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