The Pros/Cons of BlogTalkRadio for Real Estate Agents

by Peter Thomas Ricci


BlogTalkRadio merges the spontaneity of blogging with a radio format, but can it assist real estate agents?

Any entrepreneur, real estate agents included, know that the trick about technology is to either get there first or get there early. Of course, we’re not suggesting that agents can’t make sizable impacts on Facebook, Twitter or any other widely-used technological medium, but savvy business minds are always on the lookout for new, fresh and free ways to get their message out to their audience. So with that in mind, we’re taking a look at the pros and cons of BlogTalkRadio, an online radio stream that, as its name would suggest, attempts to merge the spontaneity of blogging with a radio format.

BlogTalkRadio and Real Estate

As with any form of communication, there are definite pros and definite cons to the BlogTalkRadio approach:

Open Market – As we already mentioned, though BlogTalkRadio has attracted numerous users (there are more than 2500 episodes under the “business” category, for instance), it’s still a largely untapped marketplace, particularly for specific real estate markets. Real estate on the whole is mentioned on other programs, but there is no single program for “Chicago real estate,” for instance, let alone “Oak Park real estate” or “McHenry real estate.”

Expertise – Forms of expression are always great for showing your expertise, and a BlogTalkRadio show could be great for that. After all, what sounds more impressive than you explaining to your listeners the nuances of the new housing market, or how to secure a prime mortgage, or the pitfalls of REO housing?

Ease of Use – Another benefit of BlogTalkRadio is that’s quite easy to use. Dubbed “nearly idiot-proof” by the Washington Post‘s Howard Kurtz, it’s a very user-friendly interface.

Crafty Pricing – Unsurprisingly, there’s a bit of a catch to BlogTalkRadio’s free pricing; only the first 30 minutes of your broadcast is free, and promotions are limited. For more air time and marketing prowess, you’ll have to sign up for one of three paid plans.

Break a Leg – Writing blogs, Facebook posts and tweets are one thing, but speaking for a sustained period of time on the radio is an entirely different arena, and one you should be prepared to rehearse for.

Limited Market – BlogTalkRadio’s limited audience can be as much a drawback as a strength. Because its reach is not as wide as that of Facebook and Twitter, you may not want to count on recruiting new clients, so you’ll have to be sure that you have a client base that will appreciate the information you provide on your channel.

In the end, the decision of whether or not to start a BlogTalkRadio channel will rest upon your real estate business strategy, and whether a well-informed (and well-delivered!) radio message will help show you as an informed, savvy professional to your clients.

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  • Francesco says:

    Hi Peter,
    complete and informative review, thanks. We have developed a similar product and your analysis equally applies. However I have to say that – though it is true that the number of users you can find on audio portals is smaller than the total users of Facebook or Twitter, it is obviously possible to post audio content on these social networks as well, thus reaching the same wide audience but with a different type of media.
    For example, we allow automatic export to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Tumblr and more, plus we make it very easy to connect to iTunes (where your podcasts can find a huge number of people interested in listening to your content).
    Please take a look at our product, called Spreaker (mobile apps available as well): http://www.spreaker.com

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