Quiz: Are You Hosting Open Houses the Right Way?

by Chicago Agent

Are you hosting your open houses the right way, or do you just think you are? Take our quiz to find out.

1.  How do you let the neighborhood know there’s an open house?

A.  Send emails and postcards to your database and sphere of influence
B.  Use a megaphone to alert the neighbors
C.  Post signs in front of the property and near busy roads close by
D.  A and C
E.  All of the above

2.  How far in advance do you let the neighborhood, and others, know about the open house?

A. Two weeks
B. One week
C. Three days
D. The day before

3.  The seller has a pet dog and bunny. What do you do to prepare for the open house?

A.  Ask the seller if they can make arrangements for the pets to be away during the open house or board them yourself for the seller
B.  Store all dog beds, cages and pet toys and make sure there’s no trace of any pets
C.  Leave them around during the open house in case homebuyers want to see how their pets could fit into the home
D.  A and B

4.  If guests at your open house ask to use the bathroom, what do you tell them?

A.  No – it’s an open house, not a gas station
B.  Sure, what’s the harm?

5.  What do you do with the seller’s valuables?

A.  Leave them out – they add character to the home
B.  Lock them up or store them in a hidden place
C.  Leave some valuables out to show character, but hide some of them, too

6.  When is the best time to hold an open house?

A.  During the week in the evening
B.  During the week in the morning or afternoon
C.  The weekend in the morning or afternoon
D.  The weekend in the evening

7.  You are getting a lot of traffic at your open house, and at one point, there are six people inside the property. All valuables are locked away. How do you handle having clients in different areas of the home?

A.  You wander the house as people are walking about, darting in and out of rooms to ask if anyone has any questions
B.  You ask buyers qualifying questions to figure out who you should devote the most attention to
C.  You stay in a main room in the home and answer any questions buyers have
D.  B and C

8. Do you post video virtual tours of the home online?

A.  Yes, the more people who can see the home, whether online or in person, the better
B.  No, people will go to the open house if they want to know what the house looks like


Answer Key
1. D  2. B  3. D  4. A  5. B  6. C  7. D  8. A

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