Does Office Size Matter With Transactions?

by Chicago Agent

Of the total number of active agents in the Chicagoland area, 66 percent work in large offices, or offices with 20-plus people, compared to the 8 percent that work in offices of one or two people and the 13 percent that work in three to nine person- or 10 to 19 person-offices.

Since most agents work in offices of 20-plus people, that is where the largest percentage of total transactions, about 60 percent, occur. However, office size doesn’t necessarily put an agent at an advantage or disadvantage with respect to the amount of transactions that they partake in; according to these graphs, it looks like agents working in small to medium offices (three to nine agents) partake in a higher percent of transactions relative to their size.






























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  • Lyn Sims says:

    I personally wouldn’t want to be in a small office. I was in one in the beginning of my career & it offers less innovation I think. Always the clunky copy machines, mediocre letterhead, etc.

    Real estate is a collective effort so how can you have effective sales figures with a staff of 1?

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