68 Percent of Agents Don’t Use Virtual Tours

by Chicago Agent

With active listings as of April 2, 68 percent of agents do not provide virtual video tours of their listings. The remaining 25 percent use one of the major companies for virtual tours, while 7 percent of agents use other means to create their virtual tours.

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  • Lyn Sims says:

    This really doesn’t surprise me but I was still interested in seeing the numbers here. Since marketing on the internet is not longer optional, how do these agents feel they are getting their listings sold?

  • Lyn asks an excellent question. Now that it is taking longer to move listings and sellers become frustrated, it surprises me that sellers are not demanding everything that is being offered. Do their agents tell them “no, I don’t do that”.. I’m interested to hear other takes on this subject..jc

  • Kent Black says:

    Who uses virtual tours anymore? I’ve converted 100% to professional photography (my broker uses VHT). Most of the virtual tour software can’t be viewed on mobile devices, and the photo’s used to stitch one together are unusable for anything else. I wonder what the percentage is of agents that use professional photography

  • Neal says:

    I guess my question would be, what is the definition of virtual tour here? If these numbers include professional photography then I would like to know where and how they got these percentages.

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