Top Producers’ Listings Sell Faster

by Chicago Agent

Do real estate’s top 1 percent of agents sell faster? LeapRE researched which agents had the highest amount of list-side transaction volume during 2011. The top 1 percent of agents listed 27.7 percent of all listings closed in 2011. But what’s really worth noticing is the top 1 percent of agents’ properties sold 24 days earlier, on average, than agents’ outside the top 1 percent.


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  • Gary Lucido says:

    Did this analysis look at the market time of the most recent listing for a property or the total market time for all the listings? Also, let’s not conclude that these folks have some kind of magic dust. Chances are they just price their listings lower.

  • Great feedback Gary. One part of the data that didn’t make it into the final report was that the top agents actually had a 2% higher original list price to sale price ratio than the control group.

    That does seem to be indicative of pricing their properties more competitively. However I’d say that that perhaps takes a bit of magic or atleast persuasion and charm to accomplish

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