Which Offices Rank Highest in Year-Over-Year Volume?

by Chicago Agent

In the first 11 months of 2011, compared to the same period in 2010, more than 58 percent of offices had less list-side transaction volume. About 20 percent of offices gained more than 50 percent of their previous list-side transaction volume; some managed this through mergers and acquisitions, and some got on the list after successfully recovering from a rough 2010.

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  • JERRY says:

    pretty skewed numbers due to the neighborhoods that the houses are being sold in, they are much much more higher priced homes in those areas. thats like saying beverly hills and hollywood hills agencies and agents are tops in sales again this year. well duh! they are multi million dollar homes being sold. sell JUST ONE of those houses, you have to sell 5 “regular” houses to make the same commission. You can sell one or 2 northshore houses per year and not have to work, as opposed to the agent who is a hustler, working hard day in day out closing multiple deals per month at 200k. what a racket, let me tell ya!

  • Karen says:

    I agree with the “pretty skewed numbers” part but for a different reason:
    1. @properties in Winnetka only existed in 2010 for a couple of months,so it would be safe to say that their sales HAD to increase.
    2. CB Lake Forest merged part way through 2010, so their numbers had to increase as well.
    3. The only true increase here, that I see, and is worthy of distinction is Hudson, who genuinely increased their volume and did it legitimately! Well done, Hudson!

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