This Week in Real Estate: Detached Buyers, Darwin, and Predatory Lending

by Chicago Agent

Detached homes, like the one pictured here, are an increasing fixture of new construction.

How many billions of dollars might result in write downs from mortgage investigations? What’s the word on the new construction market? Here’s quick rundown of stats from this week’s news (Oct. 31 – Nov. 4) by the numbers:

45 – the percentage of black homebuyers who received risky, subprime mortgages from Wells Fargo, as opposed to just 11 percent of white borrowers. The bank has been sued by our own Lisa Madigan for predatory lending, and the suit has a good chance of going to trial.

15 – the amount of money, in billions, that may result in write downs from current investigations; some chide the number as small, but others see it as a start.

79.2 – the percentage of new construction properties that were detached homes; the numbers are generating significant coverage, but what are their true impacts on housing?

32 – the percentage of home loans originated by Allied Mortgages from the last decade that have defaulted; the lender is in considerable hot water for its conduct during the housing boom.

0.2the increase of private construction in September; though small, both public and private construction have been in positive territory for 2011.

50 – the percentage of the Chicago home building market that is now controlled by public, national homebuilders; in 2001, before the housing boom and bust, that number was just 10 percent.

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