Want Simpler Mortgage Lending Documents? CFPB Does, Too

by Chicago Agent

The CFPB is continuing in its mission to greatly simplify mortgage lending documents.

Continuing in its goal of creating universal lending documents for the mortgage industry, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has begun a fourth round of product testing this week, focusing on two different loans that appear on the same form.

The ultimate aim of the test is comparison. The first three rounds of testing asked consumers to rate the pros and cons of new mortgage disclosure forms the CFPB was sampling.

The new forms, the bureau said, would eventually be implemented in the mortgage industry, offering simplification and greater disclosure in the lending process.

And now, for the fourth round, one form has been decided upon that combines the Truth in Lending Act disclosure form with the Real estate Settlement Procedures Act. To test the form’s success, the CFPB is putting information from two different loans on the form. If the users can adequately decipher the differences between the loans, then the form will be a success.

“We’re shifting gears for a simple reason: Comparing two versions of a form is useful, but in the real world, consumers should be able to use disclosures to compare different loan offers, not different forms,” CFPB said in a statement. “We want to make sure the disclosure actually helps consumers understand features of competing loan products, from the overall loan amount to estimates of taxes and insurance costs.”

To learn more about the tests and offer the CFPB your advice, visit here.

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