Commission Express Branch to Open in Chicagoland

by Chicago Agent

The Virginia based company Commission Express announced that they will be opening its newest branch on June 1 in Evanston, according to their press release.

Commission Express franchisee Doug Mandeville remarked, “We are very excited to bring our services to the real estate professionals of Chicagoland and afford them the same opportunity our existing clientele currently enjoy. That is the means to proactively manage their cash flow.”

Commission Express claims to be “the nation’s premier real estate commission advance provider,” by approving the strength of the transaction, not the real estate agent or broker, according to their press release. “In almost 20 years of commission, Commission Express has advanced $450 million,” Mandeville said.

The demand for the Commission Express service has been consistently demonstrated in offices throughout the country, according to their press release. As of June 1, licensed real estate professionals in Chicagoland will be able to utilize its services in whatever way they see fit for a better approach to convert commissions into a productive cash flow.

“Our mission is simple,” explained Mandeville, “to provide a reliable source for real estate agents and brokers to quickly and easily convert commissions into cash… In just 2 days.”

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  • Commission Express is pleased to again be back in Chicagoland after a one year absence and are delighted that Doug Mandeville will be servicing our many Chicago clients.
    Joseph Giovannelli
    Commission Express National, Inc.

  • Bearded Realtor says:

    Just want to warn you all to be careful, don’t let yourself get caught like I did. I had a short sale that they accepted that I took an advance from Doug Mandeville, of Commission Express operating here out of Illinois. I did not take out the whole amount of the commision due me, about 1/3. I kept CE up to date as to the status, interest in the property, approvals, holdups etc. Well, one buyer said they would take the property occupied and pay the second the $5,000 more they wanted tha the first lien holder waallowing to them on the hud. Long story, the buyer renigged, but I told them I could have 16 offers on this hot property in a few days. I kept in communication with him as to the status of the deal. My outrage is not that he wanted to or expected to be paid back, but that with all of our communication, and me even sending him all the qualifications of the new offer, that he took every cent of a short sale that I had been working on since August 2012, when he was pretending to wait for the one which I had signed up with them. Never mentioned anything, when I called him, sent him the contract, emailed him. My first clue not getting a commisson check. Now he doesn’t answer his phone.

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