Dream Town Realty Offers Deal Through Groupon

by Chicago Agent

Dream Town Realty today launched a special offer with Groupon, the first real estate deal to be done with the nation’s leading online coupon provider.

“Our big picture is we’re really an emerging company,” Dream Town Realty President Yuval Degani tells ChicagoBreakingBusiness.com. “What we’re trying to do is acquire new customers. We’re not really looking at (the Groupon deal) as a reduced commission. We’re looking at it as getting customers for life.”

The Groupon offer will provide $1,000 cash back at closing to the homebuyer who purchases a home valued at $150,000 or more within the next year. The offer is for $25 dollars and requires 50 vouchers to be purchased to activate.

According to ChicagoRealEstateDaily.com, Groupon has a subscriber list of 70 million worldwide and is expected to file for an IPO this year.

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  • “We’re not really looking at (the Groupon deal) as a reduced commission. We’re looking at it as getting customers for life.”

    If it walks like a duck……………

    From Tech Savvy to discount brokerage overnight.

    While the discount minded customers will migrate towards your services; Savvy clientele will continue to journey towards full service brokerage.

    It is noble to charge appropriately when you give a fortune in value.

  • Eve Kronen says:

    Have to stand with Michael on this and frankly kind of surprised to see this. A coupon creating customers for life is hard to believe and very shallow thinking. I have worked with several agents at this brokerage and frankly the experience has been enjoyable. Why they need a coupon…well let’s just leave it at that. I really dislike “discounting” oneself. Why would a Realtor do that? We study, we do continuing education, we study for designation purposes, we are tech savvy..discount that? – sorry not going down that path. Realtors are professionals. In this ever changing market condition the customer will want a Realtor to navigate them through this market and have an enjoyable experience. Coupons – come on. Eve Kronen, Realtor, Broker, CRS, CNS.

  • Tracy Kiernan says:

    Sorry Eve and Michael – let me guess, you’re over 45 and you’ve been in the business 15+ years. Enuf said.

    I think the Groupon idea is an interesting PR stunt – I saw Dream Town mentioned on several TV stations news casts all weekend long, including MSNBC (national) and I saw this highlighted in Crains and the Tribune.

    Whoever is doing the PR at Dream Town knocked this one out of the park!

  • dealscout says:

    There is actually an agent on HouseTipper.com right now in Chicago that is offering more than twice Dream Realty’s offer . ” Pay $50 and get $2,500 at closing when buying or selling a home with Paul Gorney, one of Chicago’s Top Realtors with over 700 homes sold over the last 20 Years.

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