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by Chicago Agent

Want to know how to attain top producer status? Lucky for you, we talked to several top producers while putting together our latest issue. These are the top tips straight from their mouths:

1 Sixty-two percent of top producers don’t think their results have anything to do with formal training, but rather, experience and knowing how to handle difficult situations with ease.

2 Sixty-four percent of top producers surveyed agreed that staying adept with technology is a key ingredient to being a top producer.

3 Sacrifices are necessary for success — top producers said being available on a constant basis and having to say no to previous engagements that don’t have to do with clients or deals is a big part of the job.

4 Networking is key, but keeping in contact with other agents, attorneys and specialists will better help in difficult situations when an expert needs to be called upon right away.

5 Referrals are the best way to get new clients and new clients only add to experience, which contributes to a top producer status over time.

6. Clients want to hire agents who know what they’re doing, which is why experience, connections with specialists and knowing how to handle situations and turn each one into a closed deal is important.

7. Top producers might have started out with a goal to eventually be a top producer; setting goals and holding oneself accountable is a big part in realizing and accomplishing goals.

8. Along with goals, even if top producers fell short of being a top producer during their first years as an agent, their experience at least went toward lending credibility to them as respectable, knowledgeable agents — a stepping stone to becoming a top producer.

9. A top producer never “knows it all” — top producers know the key to stay on top is to continue learning about the market, trends and technology.

10. Being a top producer takes commitment. Whether it’s a commitment to take an extra step by calling in an expert or calling other agents for help with their situation, a commitment to going the extra mile makes the difference between agents and top producers.

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