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by Chicago Agent

In our recent Survey Says feature, we asked agents how they would rate their satisfaction with their managing broker.

Additional Anonymous Comments:

“Our broker is very supportive without being ‘in your face’ all the time.  He lets us do what we need to do to be successful, but is always there to lend support if needed.”

“We are a small office, but we have a broker who does one-on-one monthly meetings and Saturday office meetings to discuss changes in the industry and best practices among the agents.”

“I work with another Realtor who picks where we go. I would say that while he is frustrated with the low split, he appreciates the brand recognition and enjoys the tech options they can provide that he would struggle with. Personally, I think the training offered is an important component, but I think most Realtors don’t see the immediate benefit.”

“If you have a good working relationship with your managing broker, I think the rest of it falls into place.”

“Too many managers have agents they cater to.”

“My managing broker is hands-on. I can call him at midnight if I needed him.”

“Lots of elements go into a broker’s job, but in reality the only time you need your broker is when there’s a problem.”

“For me, the decision to go with one brokerage over another was more about association, mentorship and business model than split.”

* The information above stemmed from responses to a Chicago Agent survey sent out to our readers in OCT. 20 – NOV. 23 2010.
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