Realtors No Longer Top Professionals to Escape High Priced Cars

by Chicago Agent

Take your best guess – who’s doing the worst among professionals in today’s economy: financial executives, lawyers, Realtors, doctors or insurance brokers? LeaseTrader.com analyzed data on drivers of various industries getting out of their expensive car lease and compared to similar data from 2008. Two years ago, Realtors topped the list with 68 percent escaping a car lease for financial reasons; today that honor goes to doctors.

Doctors topped the current list with 54 percent listing vehicles such as Maserati, Mercedes S Class and BMW 7 Series. Men doctors looking to escape a lease outnumbered women doctors three to one in the marketplace as of September 2010. LeaseTrader.com experts believe the problems facing the nation’s health care situation are the biggest reason for the jump in listings from doctors.

LeaseTrader.com experts found it noteworthy that professional women had fewer listings than men across the board, possibly fueling the debate of which gender has felt the overall effects of the slow economy. Not surprising, REALTORS are still feeling the effects of a slowed housing recovery with 43% of listings. Financial executives’ standings seem to improve the most, rebounding from the harsh credit freeze of two years ago and enjoying a robust stock market in 2010. Insurance brokers remain in relatively good standing, possibly benefiting from high prices placed on consumers in health, auto and property categories.

To be included in the report, a driver had to list one of the above industries for employment and place a car valued at $40,000 or above in the LeaseTrader.com marketplace to escape the lease contract.

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