Not Telling My Secrets

by Chicago Agent

I know what you’re wondering, and yes, I took the survey. Why wouldn’t I spend five minutes on a survey that increases the possibility of money coming my way for nothing? All I saw was something about an AMEX card and I clicked “gimme” and the survey popped up. Clicked my answers, submitted, drank a cocktail, played a round of golf, showed some property and then hit the clubs. I’m not going to reveal my answers, but I would like to report I’m in the upper brackets of absolutely every category. And so we’re clear, I will do anything for free money: fill out surveys, streak through a ballpark, eat bugs – you name it. One other thing I like to do for money is sling gossip, so here we go.

Some moving and shaking going on lately, which if you look at the survey you’ll notice is rather common. See, I actually read the magazine, sometimes. Saleen Graham has joined the Gold Coast office of Koenig & Strey Real Living as a Realtor. I sent her graham crackers and saline solution as a congrats gift.

Andrew M. Stern (not to be confused with just plain old Andrew Stern) has taken a position in Philadelphia and Chicago as vice president of Roizman & Cos. Stern was formerly senior vice president, in Chicago, at Toll Brothers Inc. I wonder what happens if the Blackhawks and the Flyers face off again next year, will he have to cheer for both to avoid getting fired?

Yukie Miura was moved to vice president at Garrison Partners, from corporate asset manager. Jim Colella has also moved to vice president from general manager. I assume these are promotions, but it’s hard to tell if being a VP is better than a general manager. I guess if money increases then who really cares about a title.

Newman Realty has opened a new office at 203 N. Wabash and added two new agents – Allan Newman and Nicole Fiorito. A bit of nepotism perhaps?

The folks behind Lexington Park (that ex-Chiefton property in the South Loop) are sure making some people angry. Only returning 95 percent of earnest money is like having someone pay full price for a sandwich, taking a bite out of it and then wrapping it up and throwing it in their face. Although, since the buyers aren’t even getting their sandwiches that they pre-purchased in the first place, perhaps it’d be like just getting the wrapper.

Women’s Council of Realtors Chicago hosted their Last Bash of the Summer at 235 Van Buren with a special walk out on the ledge at Willis Tower followed by nice cold beverages. I am tempted to reveal who was scared to take that walk, but then they might tell you I was equally as frightened.

@properties Friends and Neighbors Community Golf outing has been moved to Sept. 20 – for all of you who showed up to golf on Aug. 23 you just sit tight, your time will come.

Birthdays! Karyn Johnson Bonder and Carla Zilch Steuck celebrated on Aug. 25. I would kill to have one of my names be Zilch. Brian O’Connell will celebrate on the first day of September, while Dan Gjeldum is a lucky son of a gun to share his birthday with the lovely Anne Marie Peretz on Sept. 12.

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