The Real Green

by Chicago Agent

All the time people are telling me to think green or go green or whatever, but when I hear the term green I just think of one thing: money! So really, I’m always thinking green. Now, my green thoughts might not save the planet, but they sure can save the economy. And once people feel better about their purse strings, they’ll be more willing to pay attention to saving the Earth and all that other stuff.

Chicago-based Fifield Companies and its joint-venture partner, Pacific Life Insurance Co. of Newport Beach, Calif., celebrated the grand opening of Alta K Station on July 13th with industry professionals, media and food. If you get a chance, ask Mrs. Fifield to repeat the joke about real estate developers, it’s a killer.

Pulte Homes’ new project Arlington Crossing celebrated their grand opening with a wine and cheese party on July 12. A good number of agents squeezed into the sales trailer, which had an impressive spread. The turnout was also impressive, probably because people were so shocked that someone was building a new project they had to see for themselves.

Young Real Estate Professionals hosted a Summer Bash at Citizen Bar on Erie with hundreds in attendance on July 7. The young whipper snappers do enjoy summer bashes, and it was before this current heat wave that has made it too hot to move.

Joe McBreen has left Bank of America and landed at Mortgage Services. Now Gjeldum and Church have their Lebron to round out the trifeca, and thankfully there wasn’t a 90-minute special discussing his decision. There was talk about an Agent TV roundtable discussion, but then we realized no one would be able to understand a word McBreen says with that accent.

Also moving and shaking is Nathan Skillicorn, who has left Baird & Warner to join Jameson. Not sure if it was before or after the server meltdown that occurred last week.

RE/MAX Signature North and RE/MAX Signature have merged and will be called RE/MAX Signature. Probably better than RE/MAX Signature Signature North, which might be a tad redundant. The office will be run by broker/owner Linda O’Donnell, while Hugo Rodriquez, the owner of the former RE/MAX Signature North office, will be an agent and mentor. It’s not clear who got the raw end of that deal.

On July 13, Chicago Financial Services co-hosted an event at the Bull and Bear for – well, I’m not sure what for. However, I did notice a bronzed BofA manager who might be spending too much time at the East Bank Club pool.

Birthdays! Erik Stegeman celebrated on July 18, and Bruce Beddard waited until the next day to get his July 19th birthday on. Damion Perry will turn the big 35 (which is still your early 30’s kiddo!) on July 28, while Lauren Deane with Pulte will enjoy some cake on July 30. Tim Lindsey with X Capital will celebrate July 31. And no, his company is not named after me, but it should be.

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