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By Agent X

Finally! We’ve arrived a topic that I know a lot about. In fact, you might call me the guru of networking. My entire job revolves around networking, and boy am I good at it. Maybe I should charge more for my services. The secret to my success, you ask? Go to every event you can and make sure you are the life of the party. Be careful not to take things too far, though. Only get rip-roaring drunk once a year, otherwise people might start to notice. Also, always make sure that you’re having fun. And if you’re not having fun at a networking event, then fake it. Another secret is confidence. When you know that everyone wants to meet you, it’s easy to find success anywhere you go. What I don’t advise is keeping your true identity a secret, you know how much more fun I’d have if people knew who I really was?

Gossip! After much controversial debate, developers James Klutznick and Tim Anderson were approved to build a 35-story tower in Evanston. The project was originally proposed as a 49-story project. Now Evanston must find something else to obsess about.

The Grande on Southport, a six-unit building, has finished interior construction and their first model should be ready within three weeks. All six are ready for delivery in 30-45 days. Should I let them know that in America there is no “e” at the end of the word grand?

Sean Conlon is back! We missed you buddy. Now he’s planning on opening up a new office, Conlon Real Estate, on March 31. That happens to be the same day as our New Construction event in Rosemont! Nice plug, yes?

Here are some events where I networked. Weichert Realtors hosted their annual Spring Fest/sales awards at the Marriott Resort in Oak Brook on March 19. President Marty Rueter was a guest speaker.

The associations went crazy with events this month. CAR hosted their Sales Awards at the Sofitel on March 12. Mainstreet Organization of Realtors hosted an FHA Financing Update at their Naperville office on March 17 and Chicago’s WCR hosted a skyline reception at Museum Park following the National WCR’s Marketing to Women summit on March 20.

Saylor Stam has taken on the role of vice president of sales and marketing at Ryland Homes. In case you’re wondering, that’s a woman’s name. Jeff Lowe has made the move to Prudential Preferred, I noticed that the signs on his listings switched over about five minutes after the announcement.

In other news, all you fellows out there missed your chance. Three ladies at CA are now sporting shiny rings on their left hands. There must be something in the water here. My condolences to you ladies for giving up the joys of single life.

Birthdays! Steve Schwartz celebrated on March 4, while our publisher Marci Sepulveda finally turned 21 on March 11. Gary Porton enjoyed a nice home-cooked meal on March 12, and Dan McLean might have had a tough few weeks, but I hope he had a nice bday on March 13. Bob Mosky turned another year older on March 18, while Tammy Hajjar and Phil Chang both partied on March 19.

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  • Kenan says:

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