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by Chicago Agent

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I think I’ve mentioned before that I used to spend my time selling new construction units. I’m getting old and my memory slips, or it might be the brain cells I’ve killed, so forgive me if we’ve discussed this in the past. Regardless, it was the best gig I ever had. When buyers weren’t coming through I would take a nice long nap in one of the models. Sometimes, I still take naps in models even when I don’t work on the project. One of the other great things about working with new construction is I could pretty much offer clients the world. You don’t like those cabinets? Guess what, I can get the developer on the phone and make a switch. Don’t like the master bedroom on the first floor? Well that one’s harder, but maybe I can get you some upgraded appliances!

If you make the client feel special and that the deal is only being made for them, a sale is always going to be made. Even if everyone who walks through the door gets free parking, make it seem like they’re the only buyers being offered this fantastic deal and they’ll be your clients for life. Also, most new construction properties have a bowl of candy at the front desk, that was another great perk.

New construction isn’t for the weak minded, because there will be some days where you have nothing to do but rearrange the toilet paper in the half bathroom downstairs. But if you’ve got the gift, it’s a gold mine.

The Oak Park Village Board has approved a 20-story tower with 140 hotel rooms, 85 condos and two stories of retail space along with a massive parking garage. The project will replace an old parking deck, Original Pancake House and a small grocery store. I plan to protest the removal of the Original Pancake House, because if it’s really the original one it should be a landmark.

Belgravia Group invited industry guests and buyers to “taste the reality of beachfront living on the Drive” on March 3. I’m still not sure what beachfront living tastes like, but sounds sandy.

On the same night, The Goldie B. Wolfe Miller Women Leaders in Real Estate took a different approach to networking with a speed networking event that forced people to talk to each other at discussion tables while CAR CEO Ginger Downs moderated. A few brave men even spoke up about at the “balancing personal and professional life” table in front of a number of overworked moms. I was worried the event would be similar to my recent speed dating event where no one wanted to take my business card; at the networking event no one had a choice.

A little birdie told me that Coldwell Banker’s CEO Jim Gillespie might have called out another major company for copying their ‘Coldwell Banker On Location’ program word for word during his opening remarks at the company’s expo on March 9. Oops, next time try to change up the wording a bit. The keynote speaker at the event had a lot of energy, but did he really need to fill an hour and a half with his speech? I think it could’ve been completed in about 20 minutes.

CAR’s Sales Awards were held at the Lincoln Park Zoo’s Café Brauer this year with plenty of hippos, monkeys and crocodiles in attendance — oh wait, those were just Realtors.

Weichert Frankel and Giles-marketed Astoria Tower will be matching the $8,000 tax credit on all units purchased before April 30. Don’t wait until April 29th to bring your clients, as I’m guessing there will be a mad rush around that time.

How many Realtors in Uptown around Wilson do you think you’ll see as an extra in the TV pilot Vince Vaughn was shooting last week? Probably a fair amount, as normal people are scared to walk around that neighborhood alone, while others are too sad to look at Vince considering how far he’s fallen since his Swingers days.

Tons of birthdays out there in March, so I think I’ll have a drink in their honor tonight – or 10. Steve Schwartz celebrated on March 4, which apparently I forgot to mention in our last issue, same with Maria Clara Medina on March 9. Publisher Marci Sepulveda enjoyed bundt cake on March 11, and I have no idea if Sandesh Bilgi will have cake today, but why not call him since his birthday is March 15. Phil Chang will party on March 19, as will Tammy Hajjar, who might even break out her magic red shoes. Peter Braun will party on March 21 and Marissa Lanzito will celebrate March 28. Peter Olesker turns the big 4-0 on March 29, and I don’t feel bad mentioning his age since he looks about 15.

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