I Like Being on Top

by Chicago Agent

I’ve heard the complaints out there, but for me, last year was just as stellar as ever. I had to do a bit more hustling and flowing, but my results didn’t dip any further than Grandma Trudy at her favorite nephew’s sixth wedding.

Plain and simple, I like being on top – and you can quote me on that. When you’re up at the top you can look down at all the little peons and see who is wearing a toupee and who isn’t, and sometimes you get an awesome parking spot. Top producers also get invited to more parties than the regular shmoes, and you know how I feel about parties. My advice to those who are whining about the market? Just shut up. Change your thinking a little and get back out there and win one for the Gipper. Hopping off my soapbox now to bring you the gossip.

The 120-townhome community Lexington Park in Des Plaines has opened three new models. Isn’t it weird how in Des Moines the “s” is silent, but in Des Plaines, it isn’t?

Another Lexington Park, this one brought to you by Chieftain and located near McCormick Place, has run into some issues with pipes breaking and water taking hold of the project. Perhaps someone should’ve better prepared for Chicago winters?

Many didn’t see the financing for Gary Rosenberg’s West Loop Catalyst coming out of left field, which has us wondering if this undisclosed capital is coming from a reputable source or just a PR tactic to keep lenders off his back. Since architect Lucien Lagrange makes me drool, I’d really like to see this project happen so another one of his designs goes up. And, of course, there aren’t enough Walgreens out there, so another one on the first floor would be great.

The Legacy has moved into their new sales center! I bet those hard-working Equity agents are excited to finally see daylight again out those windows. Agent X did see a very attractive Walsh Construction worker riding the elevator, always a good reason to buy a unit. Wondering if the worker was a man or woman? Me too.

In a behind-the-scenes visit, I was able to get a preview of 10 E. Delaware’s pool, sundeck and workout areas. I also learned the elevator man, Walter, will be retiring soon. I gave him my card in case he needs a new boomer-friendly home.

Chicago Agent had another fantastic event on February 16, though I do have to say that or I will get fired. After some major concerns about picture frames, the Top Producer event was a huge success at Optima Old Orchard Woods. Everyone had a great time, the CA staff enjoyed plenty of red wine – some more than others – and our editor was pleased this year she didn’t have to miss an Illini game to attend. We all learned that Amir should be an emcee in his spare time, and for the record, the address on the invitations was indeed correct. And even if it wasn’t, who could miss the huge glass structure hanging over the edge of I-90? Lesson for the day? Bring your business cards to every single real estate event you attend! I thought this was a given, but I guess not.

Now for birthdays! Bill Diehl celebrated on Feb. 25 and Elana Spector will finally turn 21 on March 5. Katrina Schmitt will celebrate on March 10, and Gary Porton would enjoy cake on March 12 if he actually ate cake. Dan McLean will celebrate on March 13, perhaps with a dinner date with Bob Mosky, whose official bday is March 18.
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