Do You Remember Your First Time?

by Chicago Agent

X is back, baby! Did you miss me? I didn’t miss you while I was lounging on the beach sipping mai tais. You know how I afford gallivanting around the world – working with first-time buyers! I worked with one first-time buyer long ago who now owns a chain of restaurants and likes to buy a new house every month. Since hooking up with this fellow, I’ve stopped taking on first-time buyers because let’s face it, they’re a headache. Agent X has no patience, so I’ll leave those neophytes to the rest of you. 

Coming up, Sean Conlon has plans for a seven-story apartment building in a manufacturing-zoned River West neighborhood. Why, speaking of Conlon, did you know his company sponsored the digital version of our Fall New Construction issue, which can be found at chicagoagent-digital.com? 

Winthrop Club hosted their Grand Opening on Sept. 23 where they showed off the much-anticipated eco-friendly project in Evanston with hors d’oeuvres, drinks and tasty cheese that a certain editor and Wisconsinite couldn’t get enough of. 

Aspire Realty held a party for – well, we’re not really sure but they certainly know how to throw a bash!

On Sept. 17 Enclave was filled to the brim with industry folks and others. Some troopers were able to make it out until 4:30 a.m., aided by pear flavored Gray Goose – the only liquor left at 8:00.

Jenny Sepulveda is back managing the Sudler Sotheby’s Wells Street office again! While I’d love to reveal the story behind her leaving KW, you’ll have to ask the woman herself, perhaps when you wish her a happy birthday on Oct. 10. At the event on Sept. 24 greedy agents enjoyed drinks and hors d’oeuvres before heading over to Howl at the Moon for a Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation fundraiser. Perhaps the good deed will lead to good market karma. 

Ivy Hall hosted their Townhome Giveaway Event for their last seven townhomes with up to $236,000 off the price all day on Sept. 26. I always thought “giveaway” meant stuff would be free, but that is still a good deal. 

Harris Builders hosted a Gourmet Tailgate Luncheon at Abbey Woods of Barrington Hills on Sept. 27. The jazz stylings of the Barrington High School quartet played while children selected pumpkins to take home. I’m sure their parents will enjoy tossing those rotted pumpkins in a few weeks, assuming no one comes by with a baseball bat and smashes them all over the sidewalk. 

Lexington Homes will host a broker open at Willow Place in Wheeling on Sept. 30, where guests can enjoy lunch from the Cheesecake Factory. I’m going to take a shot in the dark and guess lunch will include cheesecake; I hope they have the kind with the cookie dough. 

Come out and support Design for a Cure at Belgravia’s 565 Quincy Oct. 1 – 11 where they will showcase four seasonally themed designer showhouse models. VIP night is Oct. 1, so obviously you can figure out when I will make an appearance. 

Also on Oct. 1, newly VA-approved Optima Old Orchard will host a Fall ’09 Broker Open where they’ll announce their special co-broke opportunities. That means money in your pocket, so take that trip to Skokie. 

DiVito + Hebson Group will host an event at Kedzie Square on Oct. 8 in celebration of becoming FHA approved. There’s an ad in here about that somewhere – it’s got a weird guy in glasses that kind of looks like our art director. 

Before I move on to birthdays, I’d like to welcome the new guy to CA. It’s so rare to have guys in the office I thought it was worth a mention. Those around the office refer to him as “Chad,” which I hope is his name. 

Birthdays! Michael Cozzi Sept. 15, Anne Brindle Sept. 19, Peter Raich Sept. 26, Tim McShane Oct. 1, Jeff McGee Oct. 4, Ryan D’Aprile Oct. 8 and Carol Flammer Oct. 9.

Agent X Keepin’ the “real” in real estate

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