Where’s My Page?

by Chicago Agent

If you ask me, Agent X should have a four-page spread in this issue. With CA highlighting the coolest and most important people in the industry, it pains me to have to hide my identity. Who could be more appropriate for such a fantastic issue than moi? And I love having my picture taken. I supposed if everyone knew who I was I would no longer hear all the juicy gossip that my fans crave. Maybe next year I’ll come out from behind my shroud of secrecy. 

Lots of moves made now that the weather is warmer and everyone is looking for a place that has no problem with agents taking an afternoon off at the beach. KW Gold Coast snagged George Manning and John Gallagher, while Amy Settich made the switch from New West to Jameson. Greg Merdinger left John Buck Co. to partner with Belgravia’s Buzz Ruttenberg, Jacob Kaufman and Alan Lev in Nextstep LLC to buy distressed projects priced between $10 million – $50 million in Chicago, New York and Philadelphia. I’ll take one of each please. 

There are lots of deals out there this month if you know where to look, and of course I always know where to look. Visit one of the 134 units in six developments around Chicagoland offered by Rick Levin as they go up for auction between June 23 – 27. They’re offering 2.5 percent commission and none of the participating developers are in foreclosure. Shocking, I know.

When asked about his planned apartment tower at St. Clair and Illinois at a photo shoot, David Hovey said the drawings are near completion and he’s excited to take on the task of a downtown project. I just hope he doesn’t need to use any parking meters while he’s down there. 

Swing by the newly decorated Keller Williams Lincoln Park office if you can. They’re shiny, bright and beautiful, just like their new managing broker Jenny Sepulveda, but don’t ask her to smile if you’re taking her picture. 

In response to Sam Zell’s comment on Bloomberg TV about accelerating foreclosures as a solution to the housing slump, CAR’s president Dave Hanna said he’s “going to have to blog about it. Zell’s wrong.” Go get ‘em, tiger.

Toll Brothers and Hovnanian Enterprises announced that their second quarter shrank form year-earlier levels. They also reported more opportunities to buy land as banks are starting to loosen up. Now if only the bank employees could loosen up. 

Susan R. McNichols Kipley partied on May 30, and since it was her birthday I will allow her to have so many names. Leslie Struthers got down on June 2, and I would’ve loved to see her outfit. The tiger himself Dave Hanna has a birthday coming up on June 17 and Carmen Krushas, who recently left Belgravia, will celebrate on June 26. 
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